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9 Romantic gestures for a happy Relationship

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9 Romantic gestures for a happy Relationship

9 Romantic gestures for a happy Relationship
Both sex wants to always to receive something little from the one they love or care about. Some have gone to the extent of getting or showing how much they cherish the relationship. Do you think it is possible to spike up your relationship with the following things?

1. Write and hide sweet I love you poems in their pocket which will put a smile on their face when they find it. You can even help them find it by setting an alarm on their phone that would notify them to check their pocket.

2. Switch things up sometimes by recording a love message on your partner’s phone and just like the poem you can help them find it too.

3. Hold their hand when you are walking on the street and also when you’re crossing a street. This would make them feel really appreciated and proud that you want to show them off to everyone.

4. Surprise your partner sometimes by making them their favorite breakfast in bed with flowers to go with it. The effort would be really appreciated.

5. Snuggle all the time. It would make them feel very close and connected to you. It’s a bonding and loving gesture.

6. Sometimes, you should look into your partner’s eyes, smile and honestly tell them how much you love them.

7. Plan a surprise romantic weekend getaway or take them to their favorite picnic spot in an impromptu getaway move with packed picnic basket, blankets, chocolates, strawberry and champagne.

8. Sometimes, take a day off from other things and spend some time with your partner doing what they love to do, even if it’s not something that interests you much.

9. Have a special date night every month and enjoy each others company by cuddling up, turning off your phones, watching romantic movies together and ordering all the takeout food you’ve been craving all month.

Do you like the mentioned gestures? Then you can send some of what you have in mind to your partner so that he/she may also send what they think or feel.

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