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9 Secrets to Having Your Baby Sleeping the Whole Night

by Family Center

9 Secrets to Having Your Baby Sleeping the Whole Night
The story is not very different: mothers with dark circles, tired and dreaming of being able to sleep a whole night. It’s 3 in the morning and the baby has already woken up 3 or 4 times. If your baby is less than 4 months old, the hope is that from that age he will sleep through the night. If he is already over 1 year old, it is still possible to make him sleep through the night, just change some habits and a dose of patience.

1. Routine
Experts beat everyone on the same key: The baby needs a routine to sleep better. Try to establish a routine such as a warm bath, get a massage, take the last bottle, do the oral hygiene and go to the crib. At first there may be resistance, but as the days go by the baby gets used to it.

Important: always sleep in the same place and at the same time.

2. Distinguish between day and night

The baby will sleep better if he begins to follow the circadian cycle. During naps during the day do not darken the environment and during the night do not leave the lights on.

3. Allow you to take naps during the day
The baby who does not sleep well during the day will not sleep well at night. Some mothers believe that if the baby does not sleep during the day, he will sleep more easily at night. This is not the case. The baby who stays awake a long time has an increase of cortisol stress hormone in the body and will tend to wake up several times during the night.

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4. Create an environment conducive to sleep
Turn off the lights, or leave a faint, indirect light source. Make sure it is not overheated or cold. Silence is also important at night. During the day he can and should sleep with the normal noises of the house. It should be dry and comfortable.

5. Take it awake to bed or crib
The baby who gets used to sleeping in the arms, usually breastfeeding, will have difficulty staying asleep when placed in the crib. Or if it stay, you can wake it up in the middle of the night and be scared that it do not know where you are. So take the baby awake to the bed before sleeping. The baby will definitely get used to the sleeping time and habit.

6. Feed it well during the day

Feeding well means nursing enough not to feel hungry at night and wake up. It does not have to thicken porridge and give nothing in excess. Just normal food and breastfeeding on demand. If the baby does not feed properly during the day, he will wake up hungry at night and consequently eat less during the day, creating a cycle.

7. Repetitive activity
A constant activity, like swinging, is almost hypnotic, so babies sleep well on their lap when they are swayed. Transfer this swing to the crib, if possible, as it mimics the mother’s walk when he was in the womb. It is very relaxing for the baby the dark and the rhythmic swing and he will not only sleep in moments like he will sleep all night. If he is older, around age 2, tell a story rhythmically, monotonously and without emphasis. It will also make you fall asleep deeply.9-secrets-to-having-your-baby-sleeping-the-whole-night

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8. Make the crib a nice place
If the baby wakes up and cries, cuddle him in the crib, talking to him and caressing him. If he has cramps, a bag of warm water can give relief and get the idea that the crib is a good place to be. Give him a pet or nanny so he feels comforted, feeling that the crib is nice he will sleep better and longer.

9. Do not answer every cry
If the crib is free of scratches, if it is dry, pain-free, comfortable and not hungry, there are no reasons for crying. He wants attention, so give it to him in the crib. Show that you are always around, but do not take it on your lap.

The baby will learn to sleep all night with these tips, but if this does not happen, seek a pediatrician. Never let the baby cry without going to check on it.

All experts says that the best way to get him to sleep at night is still to create a pleasant routine that allows him to relax and get enough sleep. Soon your dark circles will begin to disappear and the dreamed night of sleep will arrive for you as a parent as your baby.

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