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9 sentences a committed woman should never speak to another man

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9 sentences a committed woman should never speak to another man
So if you want to make your relationship work, avoid speaking these 9 sentences to another man. Also avoid having too much intimacy with another man if you want to honor the commitment you made to the person you love.

1. Speaking ill

To speak ill of your husband to other people is not at all commendable. That phrase will only lead the other man to think that you do not like your husband and that you do not understand. Do not want to create this intimacy with a man other than your husband.

If something bothers you about your husband, no one better than himself so they solve the problem.

2. I love to talk to you

Another phrase that creates a closer proximity to the other man. You can talk to other men, but not in a way that creates a lot of intimacy. This phrase shows that you appreciate his company and that you find him important in your life.

3. Sending romantic complements
Being praised once or twice does not have a problem, but if this is constant, then you might get a little more suspicious. Do not say you should be rude to someone who is complimenting you. But you should be careful not to get carried away by these kinds of compliments.

Not always a man who praises wants something more, but we women have a sixth sense for when some man wants something more. So if you realize this, try to move away from that person.

4. complains about body size

Do not go looking for compliments, do not ask another man if he thinks you’re beautiful, smart, thin or whatever. Asking this question you want another man to notice you.

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This kind of question should be asked to your husband. He who must notice you and praise you.

5. My husband is going to travel, I will be alone for a week
You can tell this to friends and family, but there’s no reason why a married woman should tell this to a man. This phrase gives the impression that you want him to keep you company for as long as your husband is away. Your friends and family can keep you company.

6. I wanted to have fun tonight, what are you going to do?
Do not look for invitations to go out with him. You should not go out with another man, or even consider him as a friend. Go out with your husband. It will be the best company you can have.

7. It’s been a while since my husband and I have no intimacy
Why does another man need to know that? If something is missing in your marriage, it is with your husband that you should talk.

8. We are just friends, so no problem.

If you need an excuse for certain attitudes, it is a sign that those same attitudes are wrong. Your friend is your husband.

9. Do you have a girlfriend?
If you are not asking this to introduce you to a single friend, this information does not interest you.

Respect the commitment you chose to make with your husband and avoid speaking those sentences to another man.

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