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9 signs that your child suffers from vision problems

by Family Center

9 signs that your child suffers from vision problems
Do you notice that your child has a problem with his/her eye? How can you determine this few factors? Then let us consider the following

1. Headache
When the eyes need to make the extra effort to see, the headache will be insistent. If your child complains about it after or during school, doing homework or watching television, it’s good to take a look at a professional.

2. Approach the object being viewed
Whether it’s the TV screen, the tablet, book or another object, if the child gets too close, it’s a sign that the vision is not very well.

3. Walking with head bowed

When the child has problems of double vision or strabismus, she ends up lowering her head so she does not suffer accidents.

4. Constant Tears

A common problem occurs when the child does not close his eyes completely while sleeping. The dryness caused by this problem affects the eye during the day, causing excessive tearing.

5. Itching eyes

When the eye gets tired it is natural for the child to bake or massage the eyeball to make it work better. Another common case of ocular itching is due to inflammations such as conjunctivitis.

6. Difficulty reading
Delaying to form words, in addition to skipping lines, can clearly show what visual difficulties are occurring.9-signs-child-suffers-vision-problems

7. Use your finger to guide reading
Another sign that is difficult to see to read.

8. Sensitivity to light
When entering a more well-lit environment the child bothers and protects the eyes, keeping them half closed or wanting to leave the place. May indicate vision problems. This child may be suffering from photocromism.

9. Close or cover one eye
Because the eye that sees less is hindering the vision, the child allows the other to take care of looking right.

When you notice this signs, then rapid actions should be taken. Your doctor should be consulted.

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