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9 Signs That You Are Pregnant Without You Knowing

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9 Signs That You Are Pregnant Without You Knowing
Most women know that when they start getting sick in the morning, having nausea with some smells, sleeping too much and being hungry for a lion, it is because a baby is on the way. However, there are other symptoms that you may have never heard of. Make sure you know these below:

1. Swollen, sensitive, bleeding gums

Due to hormonal changes in this period, the gums can become well swollen, tender and even bleed when brushing or flossing. It is important to seek a periodontist (professional gum specialist) for treatment and prevention of gum disease.

2. Taste in the mouth
Although there are other causes for metallic taste in the mouth, it is common for pregnant women to experience this discomfort early in pregnancy. Usually the cause comes from medications and vitamins that women who want to get pregnant usually take.

3. Nasal bleeding

As with gums, nasal bleeding is also due to hormonal changes that cause blood vessel dilation and increased nasal mucosa irrigation, causing swelling, stuffy nose, and bleeding. Seek medical advice as it can be a symptom of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

4. Swelling of the vulva

The vulva usually swells before the menstrual period and if it continues to be swollen and late, it may mean that its hormones are on the rise and that there is the possibility of an early pregnancy.

5. Increased sexual desire

According to a gynecologist and obstetrician, the changes that occurred in this period both hormonal and metabolic can give more sexual disposition. In addition, physical changes such as breast augmentation can leave the woman feeling more attractive to the partner and therefore more desirous of sexual interaction.

6. Large Feet
In fact, feet can grow up to 1 cm, which can change their number. And most of the time, they do not return to normal size anymore. They will remain grown. (Do not confuse with swelling, which does regress after pregnancy).

7. Skin blemishes
The already known “chloasmas” are spots that appear on the face during pregnancy and are not included in this list. To be a sign of pregnancy, blemishes should occur where one skin meets the other, such as the crotch, thigh, under the arm. It also occurs in the nipples. The region gets darker. These stains regress after delivery.

8. Sensitivity in teeth
For the reasons cited with regard to gingiva, the teeth can also be more irrigated and have painful sensitivity. Decrease sugar consumption and use toothpastes that decrease sensitivity.

9. Outstanding veins
Very obvious veins in the arms and legs is a sign of increased irrigation and possible pregnancy since it is not isolated. It is necessary to have some others like nausea, drowsiness and delayed menstruation.

Now you will know that when you feel a particular way as a reason for that.


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