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9 Signs That Your Marriage Is Really Sick

by Oba Samuel
9 Signs That Your Marriage Is Really Sick

9 Signs That Your Marriage Is Really Sick

-Bisi Adewale

Many people don’t know when their marriage is really sick until it gets to the point of divorce. Then, it will be too late.

Don’t wait till your marriage gets to the point of divorce, know the signs of a sick marriage and save your home.

9 Signs That Your Marriage Is Really Sick

The following are 9 signs that your marriage is really sick:

  1. When the couple involved refuse to allow God to step into their trouble but decide to fight themselves dirty brandishing the arm of flesh with total disrespect for God and His law.
  2. When the couple involved refuse to forgive each other. They are living together or separated yet nurture bitterness, resentment, hatred, malice and murderous thoughts for each other. Ephesians 4:32
  3. When you refuse to be reconciled with your spouse. When you shut down your mind and refuse every effort of the people of God to reconcile you with your spouse while insisting that your decision to destroy your marriage is “FINAL”. Then, you have declared yourself a marriage failure. Ephesians 4:26
  4. When you declare war upon your mate and you go all out to fight your battle through vengeance, battering, strife, wife battering, infidelity, avoidance, keeping records of offence, brawl, reporting to people, financial war, open confrontation, using diabolical power, separation, etc. You’ve just declared that you are incapable of making your marriage a success.
  5. When you say I can’t. “I can’t talk to him again”, “I can’t relate with her again”, “I can’t allow him to sleep with me again”, “I can’t love her again”, “I can never live under the same roof with him”, “I can never be his friend again”, “I can’t make this marriage work”, “We can never reconcile”, “We can’t just change”, etc. All these are lies. The truth is, YOU can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”. Philippians 4:13. Yes, YOU CAN except if YOU WON’T. You can still be friends and lover. That marriage can still work. If you say you can’t, you have only announced yourself a failure.
  6. When you give up on your marriage and your spouse. When you give up and say it is impossible for this marriage to work, trouble looms. “My spouse is so bad that he or she is unlovable. This is why it is over. We can never make it work again”. By making such pronouncements, you are only underestimating the power of God who can do all things, who can kill and make alive. Your marriage can come alive if you allow God.
  7. When there is total communication break-down. The marriage becomes a failure as soon as you give room for communication breakdown; you refuse to talk to each other. Instead, you only talk at each other, making each other angry and hurting each other. Ephesians 2:14
  8. When you go the ignoble and childish route of hatred. As soon as you replace love with hatred, good thoughts with murderous thoughts, you have written your marriage off. Only you can do that, nobody can call your marriage a failure until you do so.
  9. When you file for divorce. As soon as you file for divorce, you say, court, please deliver me from me. I am a failure in this area. I can’t manage this marriage, I don’t have the wisdom to handle marriage, please liberate me.

You see, no matter the state of your marriage there is still hope for you if you hang that hope on Christ Jesus.

To Him that is joined with all the living there is hope”. Don’t file for that divorce. There is still hope, yes there is hope. Divorce is a foolish solution to a difficult problem.

9 Signs That Your Marriage Is Really Sick


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