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9 Strategic Areas Of Maturity Before You Say ‘I Do’

by Oba Samuel
9 Strategic Areas Of Maturity Before You Say 'I Do'

9 Strategic Areas Of Maturity Before You Say ‘I Do’

-By Bisi Adewale

Quite a number of marriages are sick today due to their immature tendencies and marriage cannot be better than the level of your maturity.

9 Strategic Areas Of Maturity Before You Say 'I Do'

Most singles who are desperate to settle down are ripe in age but lack the necessary development in other areas. Age is calculated by a date on the calendar, maturity is more than that. Someone can be 41 years old but possess the mind the of a 14-year-old child. Marriage cannot be successful when people get married in this state. Don’t ever go into a marital relationship as a “baby”. Please, undo the “diaper” before you say “I do”.

1.Physical Maturity.

  • Health-Don’t go into marriage without addressing health issues.
  • Strenght-You must be strong enough to face the rigour of family life.
  • Age-Don’t gets married as a teenager. Statistics show that the majority of people who got married as teenagers make a mess of their home. 


  1. Mental Maturity

Develop positive conceptions about your marriage and uproot wrong notions about marriage, in-laws, sex, opposite sex, etc.

  1. Financial Maturity. To be mature financially means you have the following:
  • You have a right view of money.
  • Right ways to make money legally (regular income).
  • You know the right way to spend money.
  • Right ways to give out money
  • Right way to invest money.

You can’t claim to be mature without passing these tests. To get mature in the areas of money, please get copies of my books: MONEY MANAGEMENT IN MARRIAGE and MAXIMISING MONEY IN MARRIAGE

  1. Social Maturity. You must develop yourself to become a friend. Learn how to keep friends, relate and fellowship with others. When selfishness becomes one’s lifestyle, marriage will definitely be difficult. Avoid combining schooling with marriage as much as possible.
  2. Vocational Maturity. Before talking about marriage, you must be mature career-wise. You need to develop yourself and become an expert in at least one area of life that will bring in constant income for you. Graduate from school before your wedding. Develop yourself in one area of life that will be bringing in money for you.
  3. Moral Maturity. Most singles wrongly believe that getting married is the antidote for lusts, pornography and fornication. It doesn’t work that way. You have to deal with yourself and be morally mature before marriage if you want to enjoy the most in marriage. Be determined to remain married to one and make love to one all the days of your marriage. in addition, make the vow to keep your bed pure before you say “I do”.
  4. Emotional Maturity. Before your wedding, deal with all emotional issues and “old items of baggage”. Deal with all past hurts from the opposite sex that can show up as transferred aggression on your spouse. Deal with past rejections,hurts arising from a troubled home. Deal with fear, pride, envy, worry, anger, etc. All these will negatively affect any marriage if left unattended to.
  5. Intellectual Maturity. Increase your capacity to be a good spouse and parent. Improve yourself, learn from people who are doing well. Read books, attend marriage seminars and attend marriage schools. By all means, be a better person before marriage.
  6. Spiritual Maturity. This is the most important aspect. It is essential you become a mature Christian before you get married. Get born again, have a personal relationship with the Lord and be consistently filled with the Holy Ghost. Your prayer life, Bible study life and your general walk with God will definitely have an impact on your marriage. The deeper you are with God, the better for your marriage.

9 Strategic Areas Of Maturity Before You Say ‘I Do’

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