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9 Symptoms Of Cancer In Children

by Family Center

9 Symptoms Of Cancer In Children
Over 40 years now, it has been discovered that 4 out of every 8 child has one form of cancer or the other. This form of cancer vary from one child to another. It first starts with a form of virus that stay and leaves after 7-10 days. Later on, the virus begins to grow if not properly taken care off. This way it has a lot of impact on the children.

Children are not small adults and then their physiology is quite different from adults. For children, the cure rate is faster and higher than adults. What are some of the symptoms of cancer you need to be careful of?

1. Weight loss. This unexplained and ongoing weight loss is a matter of concern. Your Doctor should be aware of it

2. Pain in the bones and joints when playing or engaging in other activities.

3. Vomiting accompanied by headaches, usually in the morning.

4. Lumps that do not yield – usually appearing on the neck, armpits, groin and abdomen.

5. Increased belly volume without adequate prior meal

6. Petechia – tiny red spots that indicate bleeding of blood vessels, generally capillaries.

7. Prsence of hematoma. Purple spots on the skin.

8. Off-white brightness on a retina when the eye is exposed to light

9. Constant tiredness and paleness – anemia.

We are not saying that this are directly the causes of cancer in your kids, but they are signs that you need to be creful off. Just observe this signs and determine what to do.

Well other types of cancer in children includes
This is one that affects the white blood cells that defends the body. This can have an impared function on the production of blood cells causing other health issues like anemia and bleeding making the body not able to defend the body at all.

Your doctor has a lot to say in dermining the safe and sound health of your ward.

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