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9 symptoms of leukemia that can be mistaken for Anemia

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9 symptoms of leukemia that can be mistaken for anemia
Leukemia, also known as blood cancer, is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells, made in the bone marrow, which is responsible for the body’s defense. Unfortunately, their cause is still not one hundred percent proven, but studies point to heredity as the predominant factor.

One of the main symptoms of leukemia is Anemia, which happens when blood hemoglobin reaches levels below what is considered normal, it is usually related to poor diet, that is, low intake of foods considered essential for good blood health.

It is important to note that anemia does not develop into leukemia since leukemia can lead to anemia.

Both diseases have similar symptoms, however, the severity of one in relation to the other is quite different. Even so, both need medical treatment.

Leukemia can progress quickly or slowly depending on the form of the case and the patient, but usually has some symptoms that are also very common in anemia, they are:

Weakness and tiredness


Muscle weakness

Shortness of breath





Body pain

In addition to these common symptoms the two diseases, patients with leukemia may still have other symptoms such as fever, nosebleeds, frequent infections, skin blemishes, chills, among others.

The treatment depends on the patient’s condition but is usually initiated with chemotherapies, radiotherapies, in addition to bone marrow transplantation.

Bone marrow transplantation requires compatible donors for successful treatment. The search for these donors is done through a database of volunteers for donation. Many patients with leukemia have in bone marrow transplantation their only hope of staying alive, so donation, above all, is an act of love.

Donors can register in the database of the hemocenter of their own state and there they will receive information about the whole process.

Both diseases – leukemia and anemia – need specialized medical treatment. At the sign of any symptom, it is important to seek medical help and quickly perform all the tests requested in order to reverse the condition as soon as possible.

The chances of cure for leukemia are great when the disease is first diagnosed. Anemia can be reversed by carefully following the doctor’s care.

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