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9 symptoms of leukemia

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9 symptoms of leukemia
Leukemia is a cancer that affects white blood cells. When someone has leukemia, the bone marrow produces abnormal amounts of white blood cells. These leukocytes accumulate in the marrow and flood the bloodstream, but they can not adequately fulfill the function of protecting the body against diseases as they are defective.

When leukemia progresses, it interferes with the production of other types of blood cells, including red blood cells and platelets. This is when anemia, bleeding, and an increased risk of infection appear.

The causes of leukemia are largely unknown, but it is known to be non-hereditary or contagious. Most of the time it occurs in previously healthy children, which is why it is common to see more children with this type of cancer than adults.9-symptoms-of-leukemia

The symptoms of leukemia are easy to confuse with other diseases, especially with anemia since the white blood cells are not fulfilling their function of protection properly. Anemia is not a disease in itself, but the body is not producing enough red blood cells. Hemoglobin, in addition to giving the red color to the blood, is responsible for transporting oxygen, so a low amount of these globules will result in low oxygenation of the body. In severe cases people with anemia for a long time may faint or have a heart attack.

It is important not to be alarmed and to go to the doctor before the appearance of some symptoms like the following ones, to determine what they correspond:

Body weakness, tiredness, pallor

Lack of appetite

Intermittent fever (coming and going for no apparent reason)


Difficulty breathing

Chest pain

Frequent, non-disappearing infections

Frequent headache

Blurry vision

All these symptoms occur frequently in both leukemia and anemia. Early diagnosis is important to take the disease on time. Many ailments cause similar symptoms, so it is necessary not to be alarmed but to go to the doctor for a correct diagnosis.

In the case of leukemia, with a good treatment in time today, it can be cured. In recent years, chemotherapy and other treatments have been successful in most cases in the treatment of leukemic cells. A visit to the doctor will lift your doubts and will never be too much.

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