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9 Things to Give a Red Card Before Marriage

by Family Center

9 Things to Give a Red Card Before Marriage

–Oba Samuel

Are you surprised? Yes, I mean it Red Card! Just like in the game of football where the centre referee uses two different cards, that is, a yellow card and a red card.


9 Things to Give a Red Card Before Marriage

The red card is issued when a player commits a serious offence which will make the affected player leave the field of play even if it is at the early minute of the game. No matter how influential the concerned player may be, after the red card, no remedy.

Also, in marriage, if you don’t want to suffer loss, endure, regretting getting married and if you don’t want to be sent out your matrimony home, the following must be given a red card on your journey wedding.


If you are not too sure that he/she is truly meant for you, please don’t go to the altar yet. If you are convinced, don’t rush into it. It takes a day to go into a marriage, yet it takes a lifetime to live in it. People may approve it but do your God and mind approve it. No marriage should be contracted when doubt is in the heart of one of the parties involved else it may be disastrous.


This concerns the sisters. If you must get married, be ready to issue a red card to your maiden name. the use of a compound name like Mrs. Joke Ewejobi Philips is not allowed in marriage. It negates the biblical principle of leaving and cleaving. No matter how influential your father is in the society, it is unscriptural to use it. As soon as you get married, you get a new parent and a new surname. Embrace it, see yourself as a daughter and not a wife in the family.

Bad Habits

To make your home habitable for your spouse, you must do away with your bad habits before you say “Yes I do.” It is better to do so now before the wedding day. Bad habits like laziness, dirtiness, malice, sluggishness, carefree attitude etc. should be nipped in the bud if you must enjoy your marriage.


It is not your degree or position at work that will make your marriage work. Most times, if you focus on them, it will bring about pride and battle for supremacy at home. Start seeing yourself as a nobody but as a wife that must nourish and cherish his wife. Don’t allow pride destroy your marriage.


No matter the love you have for your present next of kin, when you get wedded, you need to change it to the name of your spouse. This may cause you to change all your former documents but it is worth it. Prepare for unexpected, prepare adequately for the future of your children. Your spouse is your next of kin and not your mother, father, brothers or sisters.


Before you sign the “dotted lines” change your mentality about marriage like “marriage is a necessary evil.” Marriage is only meant for procreation. Mothers-in-law are bad. Men are not to be trusted.” Women are evil etc. marriage is good, fulfilling and enjoyable (Eccl. 9:9). God created it for Good Mothers-in-law are good and wonderful, it depends on how you relate with them. Wise wives are enjoying theirs. Learn to think positively about marriage, others may be experiencing hell in theirs but you will enjoy peace in yours. Remember, YOUR MARRIAGE CAN NOT BE BETTER THAN YOUR THOUGHTS.

Cutting Remarks

Your mouth can either build or break your marriage. If you want to use your mouth to build your home, negative statements like “you are a fool,” “you are sluggish,” “regret marriage you,” “idiot,” should be given a red card. Form the habit of saying words like: “I love you,” “thank you,” “you are looking good,” “you are special” etc. all these are love seasoning.

Family House

In the book of Genesis chapter 2 verse 24 and Psalm 45 verse 10, the Lord himself issued a red card to living in a family house. Many marriages are in the school of endurance while so many have hit the rock due to staying in a family house. No matter your financial status, please get married in a separate apartment far from the family house even if you are the firstborn of your parents. Prefer to marry in a single room than in a three bedroom flat in a family house. Take heed to these words, save your marriage before it starts lest get yourself a red card by the aforementioned points.

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