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9 Things To Look For In A Relationship

by Family Center

9 Things To Look For In A Relationship
Are you in a relationship or planning to go into one? Then you need to know or look out the below mentioned things

1. Control
When “caring” becomes control, the relationship enters a risk zone. No one can feel happy with another person putting limits on their life.

2. Jealousy
Everyone feels insecure at some point in their lives, but all the time it’s already sickening and makes the relationship very difficult. Jealous people are deeply insecure, have problems with self-esteem and are always mistrustful and unhappy.

3. Imposition
It is very difficult to establish a serious relationship when one wants to change the other and impose everything in its own way. In a healthy relationship, the peers respect each other and negotiate their differences so that the two change, of their own accord and in favor of harmony.

4. Violent fights
Discussions are to some extent normal, but all kinds of violence are not acceptable. Cries and attacks of any kind are important warnings that things go from bad to worse, no one in their right mind wants something like that for their own lives.

5. Constant misunderstandings

There are people who fight for anything, live “making a storm in a glass of water”. This psychology site points to some common motives that encourage constant fights: “Change of priorities, lack of communication, lack of companionship, no sharing of problems, and little affectivity in the relationship.

6. Lie
No matter if it’s trivial things or if it’s something serious to be hidden, lying is one of the easiest ways to disgrace a relationship.

7. Leviandade and Procrastination
Commitment is essential so that life with two develops salutarily. That means giving priority to what is good for both of you. Living with those who do not make or keep commitments is at the very least discouraging.

8. Lack of appreciation

Recognition is a fundamental issue for people’s happiness. No one wants to live with anyone who only criticizes, recriminates and diminishes. People like that can only get along with those who do not love themselves, or even respect each other.

9. Sexual disapproval

Lack of respect in the sex life is a torment for anyone. Sex is not an act of one person; Is a joint action. You can not give in to what you do not want or do not feel right.

It is good to be secured in a relationship, but you also need to realize that the above mentioned things are very important for the security you desire.

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