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9 Things that Make Women Abandon their Church

by Abbey Lily
11 Bibical examples every woman must emulate.dailyfamily.ng

9 Things that Make Women Abandon their Church

Women are seen to be the most spiritual and principal figure in almost all the churches. They are always in high numbers when it comes to counting the congregation in churches but as much as you can have them in their numbers, some factors can also make them leave the church without showing up again.

11 Bibical examples every woman must emulate.dailyfamily.ng
Below are nine out of many reasons that can make a woman abandon your church:

1. When there is no programme: women love programmes and they are naturally attracted to any church where programmes are being organized. If you don’t have time to organize special programme, you might lose a large number of women in your church.

2. When they feel the Pastor lacks anointing: it is no news that most women are sensitive to everything happening around them and the happenings in the church is not an exception. Once they perceive that the Pastor’s anointing is not working for them, they leave.

3. If they gossip about them: people believe that women naturally gossip or backbite but once a woman heard that they gossip about her in a negative way, she tends to leave the church.

4. If Pastor has bad marriage: just like that saying that a man that will clothe a person must be putting on a very good cloth too. If as a Pastor you don’t have a good relationship with your wife, you have automatically lost the women because they will think you can’t respect them as well.

5. If prayer is not being answered: every woman loves to pray and see their prayers being answered speedily but in a situation whereby there is a delay in answers to prayer, they believe something is wrong with you as a Pastor and leave your church

6. Staying late in the church: to women, time is money and life so they don’t joke with their time at all. If you are in the habit of closing late for service, they will leave your church because they have a family to cater for.

7. Pastor’s wife’s disposition: once a woman can see your wife as having something against her or has a wrong human relationship, they can’t cope with such and their option is to exit the church.

8. Change of Pastor: women are emotional being and it affects every aspect of their lives. They can get attached to a Pastor that once they transfer the pastor, they automatically leave the church.

9. When you don’t visit them: many women love it when their pastors visit them every time and so when you are not doing this and probably you are visiting some other people, they believe you don’t like them and it will be better to leave the church.

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