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9 Things mature men want in women

by O. S David
9 Things mature men want in women

9 Things mature men want in women

-Adenike Akindude

Maturity is a feature that separates a person from others. Those that are matured can’t relate or be in a relationship with just anyone. This is what differentiates a mature man from other men. There are certain things a mature man will always look for in a woman; here are 9 of them:

  1. Intelligence: a mature man will never want to be with a woman with no intellect. He wants his woman to some extent to possess strong brain power and intelligence. Most mature men are attracted to women with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ).


  1. Emotional stability: a mature man wants to see in a woman, the ability to be able to manage her emotion properly. He does not like to be with a woman who is always weighed down by her emotions because of situations that surround her but he wants a woman who can be strong even in the face of challenges.


  1. Income earner: no matter how little the income of a woman is, what the mature want to see is that she is busy doing something with her time and not wasting it because he believes that if she is an income earner, she will have value for money.


  1. Home-maker: a mature man will want a woman who can manage a home. What he look out for in a woman is how she well organised she is, how she comport herself and how she will be able to support him to build a home.


  1. Wise spender: a mature man will not be attracted to a woman that does not know how to manage finance. This is because he is a person that has value for money, so, a wasteful spender can’t be his type of woman.
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  1. Openness: a woman that is frank will be the ideal woman for a mature man. A mature man likes to relate with an honest woman that will be sincere with the way she feels.


  1. Attractiveness: a mature man will want to be with a woman who is presentable. Mostly they don’t like to be seen around women that can’t take care of themselves and look good. No mature man will want to stay with a woman that is rough in nature.


  1. Wisdom: a mature man will want his woman to be wise. He wants a woman that knows how to take the right decisions at the right time. Another aspect is that a mature man will want a woman that is literate to some extent, that can express herself properly amongst people.


  1. Hospitable: a mature man wants a woman that is approachable and not one that is hostile and always aggressive. Women that are not hospitable can’t tolerate others and this is why a man that is mature will avoid such women. They are attracted to women who are cheerful and don’t carry problems on their faces.


Every mature man wants to be with a mature woman like himself. As they say, maturity is not about the age but a lot of other attributes.


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