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9 Things You Must Be Able To Do Before Marriage

by Family Center

9 Things You Must Be Able To Do Before Marriage
Marriage is a contract and a serious business. If you cannot do the following 9 things, then you should not get married soonest.

1. Complete
Sometimes when we are single, we forget to feel good about ourselves. You can not fully love another person without being good with yourself. You do not need the acceptance of others to realize your self-esteem. This single moment, however long it may last, is the perfect time to discover what you really love. Discover hobbies, find new points of view, and find joy in exploring who you are. Accepting and loving yourself is the first step in being able to let someone else love you as well.

2. Money
Being single can often make us forget how to save our money, especially if no one depends on us and our contribution. Money is a very important element in marriage. Create a budget for yourself and do not buy things that you know you can not afford. Save enough money for times of crisis, and do not let credit card bills pile up. Your future spouse will appreciate your willingness to be wise with finances.

3. Trust
Trust is the foundation of marriage. Without trust, relationships become hardened and unstable. Learn to commit to one person and one person. Confidence gives you comfort in knowing that you do not have to worry about what your spouse is doing when they are not together. If you have difficulty trusting others, slowly build that trust with the support of your friends and family. Be honest with yourself and learn to let go of your fear.

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4. Maintenance
The ability to keep a house falls on the shoulders of both husband and wife. Learn to take care of the space you live. Knowing how to cook, even if it’s just a meal and cleaning are basic tools in transforming a home into a home and keeping it that way. You do not know what the future will bring, so be prepared to take on the task of making dinner or cleaning the bathroom if you are asked to. All responsibilities at home should not fall on the shoulders of just one individual.

5. Self-denial
Marriage is about loving and allowing yourself to be loved. There will be times when you will have to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the good of spouse. In marriage, there is no room for selfishness.

6. Communication
To say one thing that means another is confusing, even to the most intelligent minds. Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself and others. Say what you mean exactly. Recognize with your words all things that are going well and things that are not. Ask all the right questions and do not let anything stand between the lines. Communication is the key to a successful marriage.

7. Commitment
Marriage is all about give and take. When you are single, you do not always have to worry about how your decisions will affect another person. Being able to get committed is vital to any healthy relationship. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice your evening game with friends to help your wife with a stressful presentation that she has at work the next morning. Being able to commit to the benefit of the other is hand in hand with altruism.

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8. Compassion
When times get tough, learn to show compassion for others. There is nothing so comforting to someone else as being able to connect on an emotional level. Learn to show and feel empathy. Compassion allows you to understand others and see the world through your eyes during good and bad times.

9. Goal Setting
Defining and meeting goals, always striving to improve is vital for you and your future spouse as well. Make goals and work hard to achieve them. There is always room for improvement in every area of ??your life, even if it is something as small as learning a new recipe or saving money for a new car.

Setting and doing things yourself now means you are getting prepared for marriage.

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