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9 Things You Should Do Only With Your Spouse

by Family Center

9 Things You Should Do Only With Your Spouse
Your spouse is your best friend, and so in no way are you expected to treat him or her with anything less. Let us consider some few things you should do together.

1. Speak with affectionate nicknames
No woman, believe me, likes to see her husband having intimacies with his co-workers, friends, or anyone of the opposite sex, and men worse still, woe to his wife if he calls a friend by a very affectionate nickname!

Booking the nicknames and nicknames just for the spouse shows that you respect and consider him more important than other people.

2. Share all our desires
Some wills, dreams and desires may seem absurd to those who listen, things impossible to achieve or achieve; But for your spouse these dreams, goals and desires are real and possible, after all he knows of his potential and total ability to achieve this and more.

Only share with your spouse your full wishes and dreams, it will be him or her, who will be at your side pushing you every day.

3. Complaining about children’s behavior

According to the author and psychologist, one of the most stressful factors in a relationship is the education of children. Each one can think and act completely different from the other, then the divergences and fights appear, that get worse and a lot when commented with other people.

The psychologist indicates that on the subject “parenting”, the couple have conversations to two, only, without ideas or opinions of others.

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4. Give certain opinions on certain subjects
We have heard that issues such as politics and religion are not discussed, besides these, some issues and opinions you may have about something will be better understood by your spouse than by anyone else.

5. Change the tone of voice and the way you speak

This happens sometimes with some people, they speak completely differently over the phone or even personally with their spouse than when they talk to other people, usually in a more calm, quiet, and delicate way.

Do not do this with another person, guard that intimacy in talking to your spouse.

6. Make some jokes

Jokes, satires, comments, especially when they bring some more intimate matter, should be avoided, even if your spouse is not present, yet you are disrespecting him when he plays or says things he should not.

7. Kissing on the mouth and neck

Celebrities sometimes create and propagate pranks such as tossing a bucket of water, or sticking at each other. These and other games are not ideal for married people.

8. Switch on many times during the day

Your best friend or friend needs to be your spouse, with him (her) you need to learn to share all your things, it is with your spouse that you need to keep in touch.

9. Massages and caresses

If you experience any kind of pain or discomfort, even if you are trained, reserve this specialty for your spouse unless you use professional techniques, but affective cares can be misinterpreted by the recipient.

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