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9 Tips To Be Really Happy

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9 Tips To Be Really Happy
Contrary to what most people imagine, achieving happiness can be something simple and anyone can achieve. For those who decide today that happiness will be their companion, life becomes more interesting and replete.

Scientific studies in the brain area indicate some tips for making life happier. Simply train the brain by following the following attitudes:

1. Cultivate good memories
Since it is not possible for good things to happen all the time, thinking about joyful moments will help bring happiness into the present without necessarily receiving nice news or finding 500 Naira in the pocket of a washed pants. Bad occasions happen for everyone, but the perception of fact can always be positive.

2. Change the routine
The change will bring a joyful sense to the tasks of the day. Simple things like changing the way to go back home already helped several people, and can also help you.

3. Leave the best activities for the end of the day
It’s no wonder that after a tiring day of work people go home. Meeting with family, enjoying the moments you love and doing pleasant tasks to relax at the end of the day brings joy.

The same goes for the work environment, if something boring needs to be done, let it be at the beginning, and the more pleasurable tasks can be left for later. The expectation for such delayed tasks will not allow boring to become tiresome.

4. Calm the mind
Meditation has proved effective in controlling quick thoughts and allowing the state of happiness to continue. Anxiety and stress, the main cause of frustration and other negative feelings are minimized.

5. Concentration
Science shows that the brain is capable of doing two or more things at the same time because they do not occupy all mental capacity. However, when a task requires 100% of the brain and all concentration is retained in it the time passes quickly, satisfaction is positive and the sensation is of happiness.

6. Overcoming
It is a fact that bad things happen all the time and no one will be able to feel happy on these occasions. Taking time for sadness is important, but overcoming it is extraordinary. Abandoning negative feelings and being comforted by positive ones will also help you to be happier.

7. Cultivate gratitude
One may even say that he is grateful for something he has received without feeling the real feeling, but true gratitude can only be felt by the individual. The feeling is broad and can be generated from the thoughts. Educating the mind to feel gratitude more often is very indicated and promotes continuous happiness.

8. Altruism
Acquiring goods are important and often key to a comfortable and safe life. But the main thing of all existence is still people. When the goal of each individual is to help others around them rather than just promoting oneself, happiness is permanent.

The scientific study named Grant Study, still active, already shows that happy are those who care about others and help them to be successful. Family or not, love and altruism are valid when performed in any environment.

9. Seek Balance
Being at peace understanding that it is not always possible to be cheerful and avoiding to remain sad for most of the time is also a way for the brain to help in personal happiness. Anxiety about being always content will not be healthy as well as negativity.

It is a fact that people who manage to maintain a happy attitude are more admired and sought after for relationships. Now that neuroscience has shown that positive attitudes really work, putting it into practice will be an important step to being truly happy.

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