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9 Un-Romantic Things That Guys Engage In

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9 Un-Romantic Things That Guys Engage In
Whenever you feel you want to be romantic, then you meet your guy and all he imagines is that you should do one or two things together. What are some things men do that are not romantic?

1. Set a date and bring friends
All right, you have been dating for some time now and you want to introduce her to friends. This is really romantic, it means that you like her enough that your friends will also get to know you. But, do it at a party, or meeting at home. Never take her to dinner and invite her friends to join you. This is not romantic and she certainly will not like it.

2. Public declarations
It’s very common in movies, the good guy asks the girl’s hand in public, the two kiss and everyone clap. This only works in movies. 99% of women would feel quite uncomfortable with a request for marriage or declaration of love made publicly. These are intimate moments and only for both.

3. Say I love you very fast
You have been dating for a few weeks and you already have a “I love you”. Unless you’ve loved her a secret for a long time, it’s best to avoid saying that with too little dating. It will sound fake and look like you have ulterior motives behind the phrase. Better wait for the right time.

4. Send a thousand text messages
No matter how enthusiastic you are with the girl. Contain yourself. Sending a lot of messages, sending songs, 10-minute voicemail’s or those awful little cards with WhatsApp phrases will only make you tired of you. Quickly!

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5. Send message late at night
It may seem romantic to wake you up in the middle of the night with a message full of sweet words. She is more likely to curse him mentally for waking her up. Nowadays women usually have full schedules, need to get up early, and a night of bad sleep will have a very bad effect on their mood. There are those who like it, but, best avoid.

6. Scares
It’s not romantic at all to get behind and scare the girl when she’s cooking, for example. You have to be very clueless to do such a thing. Besides being annoying and in bad taste, it can make the girl burn or cut herself. In this category also fit the surprises. Be very careful of the surprises that can be embarrassing and generate conflicts. It may be that you end the night with the bruised face of bouquet roses thorns.

7. Making taunts
That childish thing of getting teasing, competing or even tickling. Aside from not being romantic, it’s annoying, hopeless and someone can end up taking a punch in the eye to learn to think.

8. Fight “for her”
Some men think that fighting for the woman because another guy said something or kept looking is romantic. “It’s for her, after all,”. In the background he will only be fighting for himself, to show that he is male and that she belongs to him and no one else can look at her. Nothing can be less romantic in this world than a violent and macho “alpha” man. The woman is already beginning to realize what awaits her in the future. And if you’re smart you’ll run away from the bully.

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9. Kissing in the rain
It’s beautiful in the movies. But only in the movies. Kissing under the rain with her clothes sticking to her body, her hair dripping down her shoulders, and her makeup dripping down her face is not romantic and certainly no woman would feel comfortable in that situation. There are exceptions, of course, but most certainly would not appreciate it.

Do you practice one or more of the above? Then make sure you get to stop doing them and get a bit serious as a man you are.

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