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9 Vital steps of the prayer of Faith

by Family Center
9 Vital steps of the prayer of Faith -dailyfamily.ng

For every prayer we pray, there is always an attachment of belief. It is either a disbelief or faith in the possibility of what you have prayed for that it shall happen for you as you prayed for it.

The prayer of faith which is also known as a prayer of petition and which basically applies to a person’s life is often based on God’s revealed will in His word, this then makes it never to  contain an “If”.

Surprisingly prayer of faith cannot be prayed for someone else, it only works where your personal needs are concerned.

Here are 9 vital steps of the prayer of Faith

  1. Take your time  to meditate on the promises in God’s word (bible). This is what guarantees your answer when you pray the prayer of faith.


2. The prayer of faith is prayed once . Prayer many times may translate to unbelief.


3. You are expected to follow up on the prayer of faith by confession of the promises in the word of God. Call the things that are not as though they were.


4. Get involved in corresponding actions that are consistent with what you believe God for.


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5. You believe that you recieve at the point you pray. So dont wait for the physical manifestation before you believe God’s word.


6. The atitude of Joy generally supports the prayer of faith. It keeps you fired  up and keeps the image of the desired result alive.


7. Thanksgiving is very essential while you are waiting for the physical manifestation. Thanksgiving is a major part of your corresponding action action. It is a demonstration of your faith in God’s word.


8. Phyiscal manifestation of your prayer might take some time, but you are expected to remain in faith until the desired result is seen.


9. Keep the gateways of your heart (ears, eyes and mouth) flooded with the promise in the Word that you started with while awaiting your desired result. This way you keep your hope and faith strong.

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