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9 Ways To Deal With Procrastination

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9 Ways To Deal With Procrastination
Do you know when you need to finalize a report, but rather decide to answer emails, organize the papers on your desk, take a good look at Facebook, get some more coffee and do some other task that is not so urgent? This is called procrastination.

As dictionaries dictate, procrastination consists of delaying or prolonging some situation that needs to be resolved. It’s that old craze to leave for tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow) the things that can and should be done already!

Procrastination can bring a lot of bad things to your day to day, like feelings of guilt, stress and anxiety . And of course that’s not what you need, right?

However, if you have come this far you are looking for ways to combat this ghost of procrastination, which prevents you from advancing in your life, your career or your studies. We correct Then it’s time to change!

Check out this list with 9 powerful ways to get in the habit of procrastinating and that will help you get to the end of the day with the to-do list.

1. Set your priorities
Although you have several things to do over the course of a day, certainly some have more urgency than others. Define the most important tasks of the day, which should be finalized as soon as possible.

These are the ones that should gain your attention initially. Finalizing the easier tasks in the first place may seem better, but do not be fooled.

2. Divide your tasks into smaller tasks
If you need to submit a postgraduate paper by the end of the day, separate this work into smaller parts. First you define which subjects you want to address in each paragraph, then you end up one at a time, connecting ideas. When you realize, you will have finished what you need!

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3. Start from where you are!
Sometimes the trickiest step is to simply start something. Since you’ve already divided your task into simple steps, simply start working on it. Do not wait for the perfect conditions, just take the first step!

4. Create rewards for yourself
Yes you can have your own reward system: A bonbon after sending a report to the boss, a peek at Instagram after clearing the mailbox, a video on Youtube after drying all the dishes. But be careful these breaks do not steal for more than 15 minutes, okay?

5. Remember that done is better than perfect
Often we do not start a task because, deep down, we feel afraid of not being able to fulfill it. Send that thought away. Have a positive attitude and know that it is more important to do something the way you do than not even try.

6. Use apps to help
The Pomodoro technique is one of the best known when it comes to productivity. It consists of you working with focus for 25 minutes, having, after, 5 minutes of pause. You can download an app or set the time on your phone’s alarm clock. Try it!

7. Get rid of distractions!
If you have a more complicated task to solve, it is important that you can focus on it. So switch off the television or radio, put on a headset to block out chatting sounds, do whatever it takes to keep your mind clear and focused.

8. Beware of Time Thieves
A simple slip on the Twitter timeline or a chat in the company’s cafe can easily take about 30 minutes of your time. Take care and use all your minutes wisely.

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9. Make a habit of writing down your tasks
There are different methods that can help you in this organization. You have to use specific applications and other people who do not give up the good old paper agenda.

Choose which way works best for you and start jotting down! That way you will never leave a demand for the last hour out of pure forgetfulness.

By following these tips, you will be able to do your job better and shrug off that sense of guilt that you did nothing. Remember to share on your social networks and help more people who go through it!

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