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9 Ways to Know when a Guy is Deceiving you

by Bisi Adewale

9 Ways to Know when a Guy is Deceiving you

Most guys will come close to you, ask you out and even promise you marriage but most of these guys’ proposals are not genuine. They are like a butterfly, they want to suck the nectar and go their way.

All they want is sex. Their plan is to sleep with you and leave you afterwards. You are thinking of the altar; they are thinking about the bed. They know that one way to get a woman to bed is to promise her marriage.


So, they promise you marriage, get you focused on the altar, sleep with you and stop picking your calls.
Many ladies are falling victim to the antics of these kinds of wicked guys and many will still fall victim.
Here, I will show you how to know a fake guy even if he promises you marriage, you will know he is a fraud.

#1 He is not Talking about the Future
If you are going out with a guy who only tells you are beautiful but is not talking about a future with you, check it, all he wants to do is to flatter you, sleep with you and flee.

#2 He is not Introducing you to his Friends
Anytime both of you are with his friends, he never introduces you to them, or he tells them, you are just a friend. That is your level with him, find your way out of his life, he has his mind somewhere else. When a guy is crazy about you, he will be proud to introduce you to his friends.

#3 He is not Introducing you to his Parents
Likewise, if he is not introducing you to his Parents, then you are not worthy of his life, he is just putting up with you for a while.

#4 He is not Ready to Meet your Pastor
Your pastor invited him but he refused to go or he said you are taking things too fast or too eager for marriage. He is smart not to commit himself before a clergy who may see beyond your inexperienced eyes into his deceit and fraud.

#5 He is not ready to Take you to his Parents
Though he promised to take you to his parents, he kept postponing it. You know what, he does not want his parents to get involve in a thing he knows will not see the light of the day.

#6 He Uses “I” more than “US” when you are together
When he is with you, he uses “I” and avoid using “Us.” That simply tells you that you are not in his calculation at all.

#7 He Looks So Romantic but not Authentic
He is all over you, he kisses you, takes you out, spoils you a little but hardly talk deeply about the future, his parents, his stories, his past, his plan, future, wedding, marriage, children etc. He is so romantic but he does not look authentic.

#8 He is always after Sex
He doesn’t talk to you about intellectual or spiritual topics. Yet, he is full of romantic talk, he talks about sexy things and he always wants to sleep with you. You are not part of his future life girl. You are just his sex toy. He only thinks of bed when he sees you. Girl, he is not thinking about the altar, you will soon be thrown away.

#9 He Doesn’t Care about your Career
He doesn’t care about your life or career. He encourages you to miss work or classes (if you are in school) just to be with him. Your success does not excite him, He never for once plan your life with you beyond the bedroom. You are with a sex hunter, girl. That is not a husband material.

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