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-Ojo Taiwo

Traffic in Lagos is a norm, due to the populations of people working and residing in Lagos. The traffic has been a barrier everyone in Lagos has to deal with, as its adverse effect on homes is immeasurable. Some have lost their marriages as a result of road traffic which is unavoidable. According to study carried out, these are some of the reasons

1. Sexual Life:
One of the first ways traffic affect your home is in the area of sex. Some couples as a result of traffic can have little or no sexual relationship. After spending so much time in traffic, both partners might not be able to perform well sexually with time it will start having a negative effect on the marriage.

2. Eating out
To avoid eating late, one partner or both partners eat out. Eating late is not healthy and can have a negative effect on one’s health. Rather than waiting so long in traffic and get home to eat late, they will prefer eating out.

3. Aggression
Spending a long time in traffic can be sometimes annoying and this can cause aggressiveness toward everything and everyone at home when one finally get through with traffic.

4. Coming home late
Traffic makes one return home late. Especially when your place of work is quite far from your resident and this will, in turn, affect your home negatively. it creates communication gap, unhealthy relationship between parent and children and might later lead to separation in marriage.
5. Cheating
Traffic can give a good avenue to a cheating partner.
He or she will always give an excuse of coming home late as a result of traffic. while some partners who don’t cheat before might change, because they now spend too much time in traffic with opposite sex who is their crush at their workplace. With time the relationship could lead to cheating.

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6. Unnecessary Expenses
It can cause unnecessary expenses. Eating out is part of the expenses, buying edibles like water, snacks drinks etc just because you want to grease your hunger in traffic. If one get home early enough, you can fix something edible to eat, but when one get home late, you can’t even fix a meal more or less eat it. This, in turn, affects your income.

7. Poor upbringing
When couples return home late, especially the women it causes little or no proper monitoring of the children in academic, attitude and health. This, in turn, affects the upbringing of the children.

8. No effective or less communication
At the long run, traffic affects communication in marriage. When one spends too much time in on the road, all things that occupy one’s mind is to get home and rest. While the partner is waiting up to talk, due to tiredness, he or she is not ready for a chat.

9. Health
Sitting in one place for too long can cause fatigue. Especially for the men, sitting still for long periods can overheat the testicles. It’s possible that the quality of your sperm may be affected.
In all, possible means should be put in place to manage this situation from affecting our marriage.


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