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9 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Productive

by Family Center

9 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Productive
When the alarm goes off in the morning do you just want to turn the other way and sleep another 5 – or 50 – minutes? When leaving the comfort of the comforter you can not do anything but be in a bad mood? It’s time to change that!

Know that mornings can be incredibly productive and contribute to your having a great day , just that you organize some habits in the day to day.

Some of the most successful people in the world wake up around 5 in the morning. Maybe you’re not from the early bird club, but that does not mean it can not be productive in the early hours of the day. And if this is to contribute to your success, how not to join?

If you want to turn the beginning of your days into a quiet and well spent period, you are in the right post. Check out a few habits that will make a difference making your mornings soooo more productive.

1. Organize your morning already the night before
Check the weather forecast to decide what clothes to wear and leave them apart. Also prepare your purse with the items you need such as glasses, cell phone charger and car keys.

2. Resist the snooze button
It may even seem that those 5 more minutes will make a difference, but it is pure delusion. As soon as the alarm clock rings, be brave and get off the pillow!

3. Hydrate your body
During the night, we spent many hours fasting. So drink a glass of water early to hydrate yourself.

4. Stretching is necessary
Spit your arms, legs, back … Show your body that it’s time to wake up.

5. Escape social networks
That innocent spy on the Instagram can steal precious minutes from your morning. Use time with productive tasks that will make a difference throughout the day. Leave the likes for a little later!

6. Do not skip breakfast
You must already be tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day … And that’s right! Make a fruity breakfast, with fruits, milk and cereals. The fuel for your day starts there.

7. Make lists of your activities
A great way to get organized is to write down everything you need to do, be it on a calendar or a mobile application. List what are the main tasks for the day in order of priority.

8. Enjoy the silence to meditate
The early hours of the morning tend to be quieter. Less traffic, less people on the street … Enjoy this period of peace to relax for a few minutes. Pay attention to your breathing, mentalize good things and get ready for the day that is just beginning.

9. Is there any time left? Work out!
It’s worth a quick ride with the dog, a sit-down or a pedaling through the neighborhood. If you have time in the morning, work out! Putting the body to work is a great way to oxygenate the brain.

We hope you incorporate these tips into your routine and start each day with much more energy.

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