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9 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy Always

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9 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy Always
You have probably heard that a happy wife equals a happy life. So what can you do every day to make sure that your wife and your life is happy? Here are 9 simple tips that are sure to produce high returns when it comes to your wife’s happiness.

1. Tell her that you love her.
Cliché, you say? I beg to differ. How many of us fell into the routine of the old farmer who, after exchanging his wedding vows, explained to his wife, “I told you I love you, if anything changes, I will let you know, okay?” We may think that expressing our affection verbally is unnecessary, but she thinks the opposite, and will love it even more if you realize it.

2. Build it

I heard a very successful husband talk about a night he spent with his wife as they aged together. His wife whispered softly, “You always gave me wings to fly, and I loved you for it.” Building your wife’s confidence in your skills is the right formula to make your happiness. By the way, avoid sarcasm with her. It is humiliating and will not build it.

3. Give It Some Space

Although your wife loves your company, she also values your independence. Sometimes what she really needs is a little time for herself without the kids, and without her husband. She will appreciate that you are aware of her feelings, and acknowledge that some alone time is a necessity. Offer to take care of things while she has some personal time be it a walk in the park, some quiet reading time, or a visit to the beauty parlor.

4. Make yourself beautiful to her
A classic rocker once sang that “every girl is crazy about a well-dressed man.” That includes your wife. Take a bath regularly, have a good haircut if you dress nicely. Your wife will notice and appreciate you when you are tidy.

5. Do not make her hungry

They say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Even if it is not a case of starvation, good food can change a mood and be the perfect choice. Wise husbands with happy wives hold stock of well-stocked chocolates and other food items necessary.

6. Be faithful to it
Knowing that you are the only woman in your life is sure to bring much happiness to your wife. Show him this commitment through your actions, when you are close and when you are not too! Be faithful to her, even in your thoughts. Never make her feel inadequate or unloved.

7. Think of her
How many times throughout the day do you let your wife know that she is on your mind? A quick lunch call, an afternoon text message or even a special delivery will let her know you are thinking about her. I know of some husbands who are sucked out of work and lose track of time without realizing it. However, on the other hand, I have also heard of other husbands who program alarms on their phones to remind them to send an email or note to the wife. So, which do you do?

8. Work for it
A daughter asked her father what she should look for in a husband to have a happily married life. Her father’s advice surprised her. He did not tell her to find someone who was rich, handsome, strong, funny, intelligent or anything she could imagine. Instead, the father said, “Marry someone to get up and go work for you every day.” If your job involves putting on a safety helmet and marching to the construction site, or getting the children out of bed and getting them ready for school while your wife goes to work, get up every day and work for her wife.

9. Make it a priority

Your wife needs to know that she is your priority. This is often demonstrated by spending quality time with her. Put the phones aside, and let her know you are focused on her.

This are some few things that some feel are not necessary, but are very important. When you do these, then you will realize that your marriage will flourish.

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