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9 ways to protect your girl-child from defilement

by Adenike Akindude
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Defilement or rape of young girls as young as two years old is now so common in our society these days which is why every parent must put in place measures to protect their children from falling victim of such acts.

Here are ways you can protect your girl from defilement:

  1. Be close to your daughter: every parent especially the mother has to be close to their daughter just like a friend. Closeness to your daughter makes it easy for that girl to disclose any information of what is happening around her to you.


  1. Listen to your daughter: Some parents are of the habit of shunning their children when they have issues they want to discuss with them. Don’t neglect your daughter when she ask certain questions and don’t tell your daughter to keep shut when she asks sensitive questions.


Why some children ask these sensitive questions is because they have been hearing something close to that somewhere and need to understand it better, if you don’t pay attention to your daughter’s sensitive questions. She may fall victim of rape or may be misled and taught the wrong things.


  1. Answer the questions: don’t just listen to your daughter alone but try as much as possible to give appropriate answers to these questions. If you don’t have the right answers, consult counselors or do a research to find the right answers.


Please be aware that if you refuse to answer those pressing questions from your daughter, she may look for the answer elsewhere and the effect can be dangerous if care is not taken.

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  1. Be observant: as a parent, a mother, you must be very observant to notice certain changes in your daughter. For example, if she is the talking type but is now withdrawn, it means she may have something to hide or something is affecting her and she is being threatened to keep quiet.


  1. Satisfy your daughter: It may be a bit difficult for some to fully satisfy all the needs of their children nut in your little way get your daughter the things she need. It has been found out that why some girls fall victim of rape is that they are lured by things.


  1. Teach your daughter to be content: children are attracted to so many things and if their parents can’t give them, they may begin to look for it elsewhere.


You must take it as a duty to teach your daughter to be content with what you can afford and sometime discipline her by refusing some things on purpose just to get the message across that in life it is not every time you have a need that it is met immediately.

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  1. Know the friends of your daughter: it is very important to know those your daughter and the kind of home they come from. If any of them has been abused sexually and is still in the act, it can have influence on your daughter because evil communication corrupts good manners.


  1. Avoid close relationship between your daughter and any male: one of the mistake parents make is to trust their children with someone they consider trustworthy. The truth is when it comes to trust, carefulness is needed.


Warn your daughter strictly against being too close to any male including family members any form of improper treatment. Don’t always abandon your daughter with a male housemaid or a driver, please try to be there to see how she is faring or get a female housemaid instead.

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  1. Warn your daughter against relating with strangers: some strangers are very dangerous as they are out to destroy the destinies of young girls. So, warn your daughter not to relate with anyone that is unknown but should quickly raise an alarm if she is alone and there is any threat.


Evildoers are everywhere and they are looking for those to victimize, so, don’t say your daughter is still young but begin to take the necessary precautions now so as to avoid danger in the future.

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