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9 Ways a Wife Connect With God

by Family Center

9 Ways a Wife Connect With God
Any marriage will succeed if it is three. You, your husband and God. So if you want to have a happy marriage, bring God into it. This does not mean that simply asking God to bless your marriage will suffice, after all, faith without works is dead. Below are some 9 ways you can connect with God.

1. Connecting with God means hearing your voice

Where do we hear the voice of God? Through the sacred scriptures and the prayer that draws us closer to Him, that coming of mind and heart. Do not expect to hear a voice telling you what to do, it does not work that way. The scriptures outline the behavior that God expects of us.

Most of the time, when we approach God to ask for His help, we can see a change in our feelings, a greater willingness to do something right, and we can have new ideas that we can call inspiration. It’s God talking to us. If you pray for a marriage problem, inspiration can come that way.

2. The effects of the connection with God in ourselves
A better marriage begins with better people. So applying the divine teachings in our own attitudes will already greatly enhance the marriage. Do not think about changing the other. Change yourself to a model of woman that God expects you to become.

3. God first, then me, then my spouse
This is the correct sequence. To love God above all things, then to love ourselves. It does not mean being selfish or proud, it means that we take care of ourselves, respect ourselves, and recognize our own worth. This has a great impact on the marriage relationship. Then love your husband as you love yourself.

4. The woman who connects with God respects and honors her husband

This does not in any way mean that he can exercise dominion or treat it as inferior. Many women think that respecting and honoring their husband is chauvinistic. Think otherwise, if he loves and honors you, is it feminism? Of course not. Respect is something we owe to all beings, whether we love them, whether we agree with their ideas or not.

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5. The woman connected to God submits to her husband
It’s not i who says you should do so, but the bible:

“O ye wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands, as unto the Lord: for the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church, being himself the savior of the body.” (Ephesians 5: 22-23).

It just means that someone has to be the leader and God has chosen the man. But man is forbidden to exercise unrighteous dominion. He must love his wife and even lay down his life for her, as Christ did for the Church. But though her husband is not like Christ, yet in case of disagreement over any decision, the husband’s decision will prevail. If it is wrong, it will answer before God. Even if your husband does not deserve your respect, respect him. He is not the one to dictate his behavior, but God.

6. Connected with God the woman becomes more just
In such an unfair world, having a spouse who acts fairly can be an oasis for marriage. The righteous woman will not be quarrelsome, she will not suspect her husband, nor will she accuse him of having done anything. If the woman is only fair, she will do a huge good to the marriage.

7. Connecting with God, the woman becomes one flesh with her husband
For men, sexual intercourse is of the utmost importance. The woman connected with God will not deprive her husband of sex and will not make this instrument of bargain or revenge. This does not mean that a woman should be subjected to a sexual relationship that she dislikes or exaggerates. Both should have attention, consideration and altruism when it comes to sex.

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8. As we approach God, our hearts are filled with His love.
The pure love of God is charity. Charity means empathy and compassion for all. The woman of charitable heart loves and respects her husband and never speaks ill of him or ridicules him. It means less about your faults and wants you to be happy. You do not even have to say how much good it will do to the marriage.

9. Divine compassion will be part of your life.
The woman connected to God will always be ready to forgive and accept her husband’s faults. If he is abusive you do not have to live with him, on the contrary, you must leave the relationship for your own good; If he is a good person but has faults like any other, forgive him, accept and love him as he is.

Having to connect with your wife does not mean that other things should suffer, but when God comes in first, then all other things will fall in place.

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