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Amazing love: Aged Lovers gets Wedded in Lagos

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Aged Youth day Lovers gets Wedded in Lagos


Aged Youth day Lovers gets Wedded in Lagos

Aged Youth day Lovers gets Wedded in Lagos

Two aged youth day lovers get wedded in Lagos after some tough time with their children. who have been lovers since youth days have reunited and got married after a tough war with their children who initially opposed the union.

The woman in the union, Geraldine 62,  just got married to her 75-year old lover, Joshua as her children eventually gave her out to the man for marriage after several threats she mounted on her children that she will kill herself if not allowed to marry the 75-year-old lover identified as Joshua.

According to reports gathered from PM Express, Geraldine from Isoko got married to Mr Joshua from Urhobo in Delta State after their children consented to the marriage.

The marriage reception took place at Agbara where the woman lived with one of her children, while she moved to her new husband’s place after the marriage at Omiyale in Ejigbo, Lagos.

The report gathered said Geraldine separated from her husband after they had five grown up children while Joshua’s wife has been late for seven years ago.

It was also gathered that they were lovers in their youth days and Jehovah Witness teachers before they individually got married.

It was learnt that the marriage between Geraldine and Joshua started after the former love birds met at Agbara, and there expressed their emotions and resolved to convince their children to give their consent to their marriage.

Geraldine was first to take the bold step. She called her children and told them that she was lonely and needed a man that will take care of her emotional needs since she has separated from her husband.

She also reportedly told them that she had a lover before she married their father and the lover lost his wife some years ago and were also lonely.

She persuaded them that since both of them were lonely, it was better for her to marry the man so that they will take care of each other, complimenting their needs.

It was gathered that the children were initially against the decision but when their mother threatened to kill herself if they did not support her, they then let go of the incessant opposition. Thereafter they consented and gave her as wife to Joshua.

75-year-old Joshua line Use was faced with the same thing because the children saw it as adding an extra burden to the family but had no choice than to consent to make the man happy again.

From the short interview granted PM News, it was reported that after visiting the new couple and asked to know how they were coping with the marriage, they said it was easy for them to settle down since they have known each other over the years.

On their sex life, the man said they were slowly active and declined to make comments further.

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