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Amazing Foundations of winning Family

by Gideon Dosu
Amazing Foundations of winning Family

Amazing Foundations of winning Family


A winning family is a victorious family, and victorious family is a family that has consistently won the battle of life by aligning their lives and endeavors with Christ Jesus.

The ultimate plan of God for his children is to build a winning family according to 1 Corinthians 15:57, but unfortunately only few believers have attained this level.

Listed below are the foundations of a winning family:

  1. Righteousness: A wining family is a family whose foundation is based on righteousness, and righteousness connotes right standing with God. That is; they will hate what God hates and love what he loves.
  2. Communication:No one builds a winning family without effective communication. Someone once said, “Communication is to love as blood is to the body.” Take the blood out of the body and it dies. Take communication away and a relationship dies. I want you to know that communication will not be effective until your spouse understands the message that is conveyed and adequately responds to it. Couples that will continue to win must continue to talk together.

Your discussion must not be limited to something serious but learn to talk as friends.

A couple should not keep grudges between each other nor should they allow issues or problems to remain unresolved or non-communicated. Therefore leaving issues unresolved is dangerous to the relationship.

  1. Knowledge: You need deep knowledge about marriage if you will build a winning family.

Knowledge can be categorized into three:

A. You need knowledge about God. Your personal relationship with God will determine the outcome of your marriage. You cannot have an encounter with God and be a wife beater, or be a cheater. Never have it in mind to divorce your spouse.

B. You also need knowledge of who a man should be:  You need to understand your make up and your roles and responsibilities in your family. Many men are void of these roles and they are making mess of their marriage. As a man, your number one role in that family is to be the family priest. You should be the first Jesus your children should know and be ready to teach them the ways of God. Also to provide adequately for them. You need adequate knowledge of the needs of your wife.

What your wife needs are protection, attention, affection, affirmation and provision

C. Knowledge of who a woman should be: You need to understand your make up as a wife and your roles in that family. You are expected to be a home maker, unifier, manager and a ready support to your husband in raising a great family. Your responsibility includes to ease the Job

4. Patience:Patience is said to be a virtue. You must cultivate it to build a winning family. You need patience to leave with your spouse. Women’s make up differs from men’s even though we live in an instant world where we have fast foods, fast access to cash via ATM machines but when it comes to marriage we need time and wisdom to live with our spouses.

5. Respect: Respect and trust in a marriage co-exist. It is not possible to have one without the other. When both marriage partners trust that both in the marriage have the same values and beliefs they are able to trust one another in all things, which are done independently in that marriage.

6. Integrity: This foundation of integrity will be critical in the building of a winning family, and does much to ensure a strong structure. It is also called commitment or honor. In order for your marriage to be solid, it must be founded upon principles that both you and your spouse agreed upon.

7. Prayer: A winning family must be a prayerful family. Where victory stops is where your prayer life stopped.  We are in a consistent battle with the devil because he hates marriage and family from the beginning and he overcame the first family on earth. So,  in order not to be a victim, our prayer life must be hot and consistent in order to retain the victory Jesus had conferred on us

8. Raising Godly children: You are not a winning family until you offer Godly children to this decaying world. You must be intentional about it. To achieve this, you as a parent must have acquired knowledge or else you will shipwreck your victory. Children must be raised in the admonition of God so that they will be able to stand out even when you are no more with them physically.


Amazing Foundations of winning Family

Amazing Foundations of winning Family

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