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Amazing Qualities of A Wife Material-Pastor (Mrs.) Yomi Adewale

by Adenike Akindude
Patience Is All You Need -Pastor Mrs Yomi Adewale.dailyfamily.ng

Amazing Qualities of A Wife Material-Pastor (Mrs.) Yomi Adewale

Pastor Mrs. Yomi Adewale highlights the qualities a wife material will possess while speaking to Single Ladies at the Hangout she held with them on the 1st May 2018.

Amazing Qualities of A Wife Material-Pastor (Mrs.) Yomi Adewale.dailyfamily.ng

Pastor (Mrs.) Yomi Adewale

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The Single Ladies Hangout was organized by the Terrific Sisters of Family Booster Ministries International.

The program was organized for the Single Ladies to explore the various issues affecting them.

In a chatty manner, Pastor Mrs. Yomi Adewale addressed different expectations the ladies that attended said they have concerning men and she taught on the topic; WHO IS A WIFE MATERIAL?

A wife material is:

  • A King’s daughter, she is all glorious both inside and outside
  • A Favour, it is important to know if your man is progressing or retrogressing.
  • She is well groomed. Grooming is a personal effort you have to make, it does not stop even after the wedding. Areas you need grooming includes:

-Grooming in dressing

-Grooming in talking

-Grooming in domestic chores

Learn to plan your day.

  • She runs her life as a Ministry, she lives as unto the Lord. Her Ministry involves:

-Ministry of Purity. You have no justification to give your body to a man you are not married to.

-Ministry of Helps, help that man in your life. Don’t run vengeance, bitterness, envy ministry.

-Ministry of meaningful existence

-Ministry of impactful life

  • She is a wise woman. You need the wisdom to identify Mr. Waster, to identify Mr. Destiny neutralizer, and to identify Mr. Destiny Booster because he is the one you need.

You need the wisdom to be a builder, you need the wisdom to keep quiet when needed in marriage, you need the wisdom to relate with in-laws.

  • She is exceptional in Prayer, Multi-tasking, in Finance, Spiritual matters, in Managing Relationships, she must be a manager, relating well, balancing well.
  • She is a Game-Changer. Give your man a divine push even if he is not motivated

Pastor Mrs. Yomi Adewale advised the single ladies to align their expectations with the will of God for their lives and to learn so many things about men.

She said who a man will be in marriage will be influenced by so many things which are:


-Level of Education and where he schooled


-The environment he grew up and the one he is living presently.


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