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Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

by Oba Samuel
Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

You don’t  really need to have money before you can eat in Gold Curry restaurant.In fact, you are paid for eating and you can earn up to $900 if you finish their giant dishes in the allotted time. Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

According to odditycentral,we’ve featured some outrageous restaurant challenges in the past, like eating a bowl of the world’s hottest curry, feasting on a 4-pound taco, or finishing a giant bowl of Pho soup, but, while definitely extreme, completing them still seemed possible. That’s not the case with the ultimate challenge set by Japanese restaurant Gold Curry ( a restaurant in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture).

They are offering a grand prize of $900 to any person that can eat over 20 pounds of rice and curry in just one hour, which I for one don’t think is humanly possible without rupturing your stomach.

The good news is that you don’t have to go straight for this impossible challenge. Instead, you can work your way up to it, by tackling the restaurant’s other eating challenges.

First, there’s the 2-kilogram plate of rice and curry, which has to be consumed in 15 minutes, in order to avoid paying its $18 price. The same goes for the 4-kilo plate, which costs $31, if you don’t finish it 30 minutes. Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

Completing the harder challenges not only makes your meal free, but Golden Curry will also pay you a cash prize. For eating the 6-kilogram plate in less than half an hour, you get rewarded with 30,000 yen ($270). Fail, and you have to pay the $58 cost of the meal. Finishing the 8-kilo plate of rice and Japanese curry will earn you a prize of  50,000 yen ($450), plus the $72 cost of the meal.

Once you’ve completed these lesser challenges and trained your stomach to deal with huge quantities of food, you’re ready to go for the $900 grand prize.

It has a 5-star difficulty rating on FoodChallenges.com, which pretty much makes it impossible for use mere mortals. None of the sources I’ve checked mention anyone successfully completing the challenge. Not even the great competitive eater Joey Chestnut could do it. Amazing Restaurant Where You Are Paid For Eating.

And if you’re dying to try this challenge, but can’t travel to Japan, you’ll be happy to know that the Gold Curry restaurant branch in Bangkok, Thailand, also has the humongous dish on the menu.

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