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Amazing Way to Save People From Depression, Suicide (Video)

by O. S David

Amazing Way to Save People From Depression, Suicide 

Mother Hangs Herself Days After Her Daughter Committed Suicide.dailyfamily.ng


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that each year approximately one million people die from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds.

It is predicted that by 2020 the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds. That is, the rate of suicide will double.

Who knows if the next person to commit suicide is sitting beside you, maybe someone you are eating together, a friend, family member or a colleague.

Now, let’s talk about SUICIDE and DEPRESSION…

1. Stop ignoring that ex-best friend who suddenly went broke after loss of job or business. REACH


2. That single mother playing independent is not as fine as she may seem. Her child sleeps hungry.

Her bills are killing her. She is in debts. No, she won’t tell you lest you ask her for sex in return or embarrass her, she is not fine. REACH OUT!

3. That jobless drunk brother of yours who the whole family branded ‘useless’ could be a drunk for convenience. REACH OUT!

4. That beautiful woman who you think has it all, good job, nice body, a face everyone loves..

No, her inbox is not crowded. And she is not fine. REACH OUT!

5. Your girlfriend who has suddenly become lazy, withdrawn and irritable. Don’t cheat on her.

She may just not being a jerk intentionally, she may be depressed. REACH OUT!

6. That jovial, overly high – spirited colleague of yours may not be fine after all. Even if he says so. REACH OUT!

7. That cheating husband or Wife: Although cheating is not an excuse. But you may be killing him slowly with the way you are handling it.

He just may be crying for help. He may be looking for compassion and peace elsewhere.

Do be careful with him/her, don’t beat down a man/woman already on his/her knees. Don’t be another battle he has to fight. REACH


8. Postnatal depression is real. Yes, it is. You think a mother endured 9 months, labor pains and it all just to stab her offspring.

Your wife is not suddenly nagging. She is depressed. Don’t be a jerk. REACH OUT!

9. Suicide is not a selfish act. Reminding a depressed soul that suicide will only transfer their pain to others is selfish, insensitive and for lack of a better word, EXTREMELY Selfish.

When one resolves to suicide, trust me, they are no longer thinking about the pain they would cause because they have lost the ability to be rational in their thinking.

They just want peace. They are tired of your judgmental stares, hints and speeches. They are tired of you ignoring them…

They are tired of being a bother to you. Because by now they believe there is no pain in death. REACH OUT!

10. And no, offering to buy them alcohol so they can drown their sorrow is not reaching out. It’s compounding the problem…

And paying bills after one has already committed suicide is HYPOCRITICAL. Those goodwill messages after one is gone are pure Hypocrisy…


*Check on people before it is too late, they are not fine…*. REACH OUT


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