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Amazing Ways to Overcome Body Odour and Bad Breath

by O. S David
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Amazing Ways to Overcome Body Odour and Bad Breath


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Body Odour and bad breath…How to deal with it…

Like I always say “body odour and bad breath are love extinguishers, it can make you lose the one meant for you, and not everyone is that spiritual to understand the language of bad odour”.

Causes of Body odour

1. Body odour could be hereditary.
2. Taking late bath.
3. Heavy sweating
4. Wearing a particular cloth for long
5. Related to the kind of job one does
6. Wearing of heavy cloth
7. Unwashed undies.

No matter the cause of your odour or a friend, it can be controlled or stopped. If you follow the right principle for whatever causes your odour, you can always come out smelling fresh and good.


1. Bath regularly. If you are free and close to water, bath as many times as you can. But if you are too busy, then bath three times a day. Morning, immediately you come back from work and in the midnight. Remember, you have to discipline yourself to smell fresh.

2. Use deodorants. Yes, there is no spirituality in smelling bad. It is sad that some church denomination sees perfumes as a sin, but even Jesus was perfumed. So, you no Holy pass Jesus.

3. Change that Undie, boxer, singlet, tight, bra, at least twice a day. It’s your odour and if you want a solution, you must attack it with whatever it takes. Don’t join others who ask why they should change their undies daily, if you know say people no dey fit breath for where you dey, you better do something fast.

4. If you discover that you have sweated badly, quickly look for somewhere to freshen up. Go out in the open and receive some fresh air if you can. Change that cloth ‘sharperly’ if you are in a good position to do that. Body odour can make you lose a good job, so looking fresh is a good investment.

2. Mouth Odour or bad breath.
1. Not brushing at all
2. Brushing late
3. Eating and not brushing or not rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water.
4. Eating sticky food and not paying attention to your teeth.


1. Always brush or rinse your mouth with water whenever you eat something that will stick into your teeth.
2. Don’t ever miss morning and night brushing.
3. If possible take cognizance of people’s reaction when you talk into their face. Some people don’t know they have mouth odour. If possible, ask your friend if you have it.
4. Never get angry when a good friend tells you that you have a bad breath…

How to politely tell a friend about their bad breath or mouth odour.
The truth is that if your friend is truly a friend, it won’t be a big deal if you tell him or her about what you noticed.
For body odour, buying deodorants is not enough because if deodorants meet with a dirty and sweaty body, it will produce another deadly smell.

You can politely tell him or her about the importance of personal hygiene. Anyone who gets angry when told improve on himself is not yet matured and may not be able to accommodate the inevitable change that may come in the future especially when he or she is someone you are in a relationship with…
Please, don’t be afraid to tag a friend.


Written by Exceptional Emmanuel Okorie.

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