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– Yomi Adewale

Think about the future and eternal implication of your deliberate actions, it can be disastrous and regrettable you know?

Raising your children without paying attention to every aspect of their lives (spiritual, academic, moral, physical) makes you a one-sided parent. This implies that the children would be raised improperly and with an imbalanced approach, thus, they would grow up to become imbalanced adults. The error may continue and they may pass it onto their children. The circle continues if nobody does something now. Isaiah 61:9

Any negative character observed in a child such as selfishness, pride, self-centeredness, unseriousness, stiffness, stinginess, stubbornness, laziness, etc. either directly or indirectly will cumulate to issues in the life, marriage, career etc. of that child in future. Arrest the situation now. Daniel 1:4

To you singles that keep having sex with just anybody, you keep selling your bodies, you wear seductive clothes, you keep having sex for good grades in school and promotion at work, you know how to speak and lure ladies to bed; you have aborted many times, you delight in deflowering virgins, you love to date married men/women, you think you can’t cope without having sex daily, you want to satisfy that guy and keep him with sex when you are not created to be a sex object or toy, some of you even think you can bribe God by serving in different capacity and department in the Church/fellowship, by paying tithes and offerings without changing your ways. You are not married oh, but suddenly you develop and realise you are skilful in sex. Fornication is a fundamental and foundational error for the future. Sex is not free anywhere. Abstinence is the best choice, not a single partner, multiple partners or the use of condoms. You are making your creator angry by defiling his temple. Your body is God’s temple, glorify Him with it. Hebrews 13:4, 1 Corinthians 6:19

To the married, full of unfaithfulness, untruthfulness, unforgivable habits and unkind attitudes, your spouse means nothing to you, nobody enjoys you except you, the house is always under tension, your home is a slave camp for your spouse and children, you are Mr “know it all”, nobody can give you any piece of advice, your wife and children don’t have access to you, they can’t share with you, you are never available for family bonding and intimacy, all the errors and negative characters you picked from here and there while growing up are visible in you and you even boast about your weaknesses and excesses, hmmm… the future is at stake here. Your wife at home is not beautiful anymore, you run after other ladies for sexual pleasure, you lack self-control, you enjoy secrecy with your friends and extended family, your nuclear family knows nothing about you and all your numerous projects and properties. You are too big to cook because you are an executive wife, no respect or regard for your spouse, you love different soap opera than taking care of your family, you are never ready to cover and support financial need of your family, every party you must attend and every “Aso Ebi” (party uniform) you must buy, you hate in-laws with passion without any reason, you keep catalogue of offence in your marriage, Change to avoid unbearable regrets and pity because these evil seeds have future implications, an unexpected harvest of isolation and rejection. Think twice and amend your ways. Ecclesiastes 9:9-10

To you who enjoys stabbing people and helpers in the back, you love sowing seeds of discord, nobody does anything good and you ever acknowledge, your expertise is to ensure you run others down, kill their self-esteem, silence their voice, spoil their images and manipulate situations in your favour. You enjoy backbiting and gossiping, you hate others progressing, you delight in biting the heel of others’ horses of progress, all these are Adamic natures you have refused to acknowledge and deal with. It has future implications, take the path of change today. Galatians 6:6-9

To you, the employer, who makes life unbearable for your employees. Your organisation is a slave camp, you don’t pay salaries as at when due, you keep lavishing money on frivolities and things of temporary pleasure, you keep bragging about your possessions while your employees are starving to death, you have always claimed the cause is the recession. Watch your back, the payback season is here. Change your ways in order to obtain God’s mercy. The future implication is not pleasant if you continue. 1 Timothy 5:18

To you employee, who is never appreciative. You keep changing jobs and never say good things about your former employer, you are always against the management, you keep ‘forming busy’ while you never deliver jobs committed into your hands; to you, no employer is good, even the one who pays your bills and removes financial heat from your life and family to the best if his ability, yet the employer is never good. You keep going late to work, you have refused to improve on your skills, and you blame the devil and enemies at work as the reason for your bad evaluation, you keep performing below expectations and you have been boasting that you would do better when you become a boss or employer. Change today because the bad attitude you have built over time will be carried over to anywhere you go. Embrace a new life today. Ephesians 6:5-6, Colossians 3:22-23

To you who is careless about your health and lifestyle, you eat as you like, you disdain healthy living, you are against life of caution and moderation, you love sweet things, you can eat at any time of the night, you are a food-major, you drink alcoholic wine, claiming the percentage of alcohol is low, you don’t exercise your body, you live a sedentary lifestyle, you enjoy unbearable stress, no time to rest and relax. Think twice today, health is cumulative. The future implication is not usually pleasant. Change positively today. Jeremiah 8:22

To you who is never grateful to God and any helper, you see any kindness shown to you as a right or never enough, you keep complaining to your Maker, your life is never pleasing to him, you believe you can handle every affair of your life without taking instruction for direction from your Creator, hmmm…

You live your life as if you own it, you live as it pleases your sinful pleasure, friends and acquaintances, God is knocking at the door of your heart today, let Him in and your life, marriage, career, business will never remain the same and the future will be pleasant.

Job 22: 21-23″Give in to God, come to terms with Him and everything will turn out just fine. Let Him tell you what to do; take His words to heart. Come back to God Almighty and He’ll rebuild your life. Clean house of everything evil. (Message Bible)


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