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Amazing Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

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Amazing Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

Amazing Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

Winning a man’s affection and making him interested in you is a piece of cake. However, making him love you and entering his heart and mind forever is a bit more complicated.

You want this man to see that you’re girlfriend and wife material. For him to see your worth and all of your great qualities.

Well, here’s a way to accomplish exactly that. Here are 10 Amazing ways to make any man fall in love with you.

  1. Tell him a secret

Confess an unpopular opinion or reveal something about your past that you wouldn’t share with just anyone. By unveiling one of your innermost layers to describe a formative experience or a private thought, however shocking, unpleasant, or unremarkable, you will demonstrate trust. Trust, when reciprocated, breeds closeness. If you can muster the courage to lead the way in establishing mutual trust, you will also lay the groundwork for a strong relationship.

  1. Flirt with him forever

When you’re just getting to know a new guy you like and are trying to win over, the first impulse you have is to flirt with him.

You make eye contact, smile at each other, “accidentally” touch his arms while the two of you are talking, and make edgy puns.

Basically, all of this helps and before you know it, he can’t do without thinking of you all the time.

  1. Support and encourage him

Something that is very important to men is that their lives have a purpose. That purpose can be tied to what they do for a career, but not always. Men need a mission. What is your husband passionate about? What is his mission to accomplish? Nothing lifts a man’s spirit or confidence more than the support of a loving woman. The way to a man’s heart is to support the purpose that his heart is passionate about.

  1. Get weird for Him

Don’t hide beyond formalities or conventional wisdom surrounding “good behavior” when hanging out. Instead, be your weirdest self. Break out into dance spontaneously, sing a bizarre song you make up on the spot, or explain the logic beyond your strangest fixation, hobby, or habit. Any man worth your time will be wowed by your individuality and self-confidence rather than intimidated by it.

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  1. Don’t be too serious, make him laugh

Tell a dumb joke or make a fool of yourself. Do whatever it takes! Laughter is the root of good memories. It also tends to make people feel better instantaneously. Getting a man to crack up regularly is a powerful way to instill in him that you’re a key ingredient in Life’s recipe for happiness.

  1. Don’t try to limit him

The last thing any man needs is feeling like he is in jail the moment he enters a romantic relationship. Of course, living the life of a bachelor is not acceptable in a serious relationship, but that doesn’t mean that your boyfriend should cease to exist the moment he starts dating you.

Amazing Ways to Win a Man’s Heart

Trust me, as soon as a man feels that he’s being held back in a relationship, he wants to run away from it.

  1. Cook for him

The old adage about winning a man over through his stomach is kind of true, and also because cooking can be extremely intimate. To cook for someone is to cater to one of their most basic human needs. It requires hard work and careful thought. And if you curate the menu carefully, you can prove just how willing you are to place their personal tastes above your own.

  1. Don’t forget his family, too

It’s important to be polite to your boyfriend’s parents and siblings, but there’s so much more to do. Take it upon yourself to write his family members’ birthdays down so you can wish them well and remind him to do the same. Help him figure out what to do when they come to town. Remind him to send thank you notes when relevant. The more positive an influence you have on a man in the eyes of his relatives, the more likely they are to support your coupledom.

  1. Respect Him

What a lot of women and men don’t know is the fact that love can’t exist without mutual respect. This applies to every relationship between two people, including romantic ones.

Therefore, if you plan on keeping your man’s heart forever for yourself, you have to give him your respect.

What every man wants is to see that he’s appreciated and valued as a human being, that his attitudes and opinions are respected, and that his individuality is not endangered.

He needs to feel that he is an equal partner in this relationship, so make sure not to belittle him in any way.

This is especially important in public. Don’t ever insult or humiliate your romantic partner in front of others (or ever).

  1. Change his mind about something

We all have opinions about music, movies, and politics. If you can make a man appreciate a certain band he’s hesitant to listen to or enjoy a movie or TV program he’s skeptical about or consider a social issue from a different perspective, you will make a lasting impression. He’s bound to associate you with his new line of thinking, and to admire you for steering him down a path he wouldn’t have found without you.


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