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An hour of exercise a day protects against depression

by Family Center

An hour of exercise a day protects against depression
That physical exercise is good for health, we all already know, but recent research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry has shown something very interesting, that a few hours of weekly exercise serve as a prevention for future depression.

Sixty minutes a week of light physical exercise, those who do not sweat or breathlessly, are enough to serve as prevention of depression.

The study involved nearly thirty-four thousand people of both sexes, was assessed in advance the levels of physical exercise that each participant did, as well as their symptoms of depression and also anxiety, all for a period of eleven years.

The surprising result showed that little time for physical exercises already make a big difference in this disease that every year reaches thousands of people all over the world and causes many difficulties of coexistence.

Depression is a disease that affects the human being in his daily life. Sadness, anguish, irritability, discouragement, fear, hopelessness, guilt, low self-esteem, apathy, maybe some of the symptoms that cause the individual suffering from depression to suffer intensely and often even in isolation.

The news that little time spent on exercise can help avoid depression in the future can change the lives of many people who suffer because they can not reconcile time to exercise with their other daily tasks.

The recommended physical exercises are light and can include small walks in light rhythms, bicycle riding, little time of dance in the week or other activities that are to the taste of each one.

It is also possible to take time to practice exercises inside your own home, this way you can save time and money. Some tips for this type of exercise are:

Jump rope

Run without leaving the place

Up and down the step



For this it is important that before beginning the practice of the exercises is made a stretching, thus avoiding bruises. Drinking water is also highly recommended for those who exercise.

Studies suggest at least sixty minutes of exercise a week, but if you have the opportunity to practice more and more times in the week, the better your overall health in the medium to long-term.

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