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“An Igbo man sacrificed his life for me during civil war” –Governor Lalong

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An Igbo man sacrificed his life for me during civil war –Governor Lalong -dailyfamily.ng

As against popular ideology that there is no brotherhood in times of war, Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong, has disclosed that an Igbo man sacrificed his life for him during the Nigeria civil war between 1967-1970.

Speaking on Sunday during an Independence anniversary service held at the National headquarters of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Jos, Lalong said the bloody images of the Civil war still remained in his mind.

According to Lalong, the Igbo man who was his guardian was gruesomely murdered after saving his life when he was just three-years-old.

“The memory of what happened to me when I was three years old is still fresh in my mind; an Igbo man who was my guardian that married my aunty was killed; but before he was killed, he took me and locked me inside a room.

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“That memory is still fresh in my mind and anybody who is beating the drums of war has not seen it.”

Lalong stressed that only genuine dialogue will cause the present upheaval in the country to cease.

In a way of advice, Lalong called on to the government to listen to a call for federalism.

“If true federalism will address the injustice and cry of marginalization in the country, the government should be ready to address it. We should all agree to live together; nobody should give any excuse on why the country should separate.”

While expressing his strong optimism as to the fact that Nigeria cannot experience any break up after several upheavals it has experienced, he added that.

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“In the midst of the clamour for agitation and restructuring, Nigeria still stands strong in unity. I am sure that if a referendum is conducted on whether Nigeria should break up or remain united, those who want the country to break up will not be up to 10 percent.”

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