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Angry mother baths daughter with hot soup

by O. S David

Angry mother baths daughter with hot soup

A Benin-based housewife Tricia Oterneghoro has bathed her 13-year old daughter, Joyce Emmanuel, with hot soup for allegedly sleeping in a neighbour’s room.

According to report the incident occurred at 9, James Watt Street, New Benin area, in Benin.

According to a report monitored on a local television station, residents in the area rushed to the scene of the incident to administer first aid on the victim.

Some of them told the reporter that they had warned the victim’s mother on several occasions to stop maltreating her daughter but their pleas fell on her deaf ears.

A said neighbour, “A woman in her normal sense will not do this to her daughter. I have warned her not to beat the girl again. Her father called yesterday and the girl said she was interested in going to nursing school.”

Narrating the incident, Joyce said she wanted to go out and take her bath on Monday night but her mother refused.

Joyce said she went out to take her bath and her mother locked her outside which made her to sleep in her friend’s room.

She said she was shocked when her mother stormed the room the next day and pour hot soup on her.

“It was in the evening and I said I wanted to take my bath but my mummy said no. I went out to take my bath and my mummy locked the door. After knocking many times, I went to sleep in my friend’s house. In the morning, my mummy came and pour hot soup on my body.”

In her reaction, the victim’s mother, Mrs. Oterneghoro, said she did not know what came over her to make her poured the hot soup on her daughter.

She said she had warned her neighbours not to allow her daughter sleep in their room and when she saw her the following morning, she poured the hot soup on her.

However, an unconfirmed sources revealed that the suspect had been invited by policemen for questioning.


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