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Anxiety and diet: 5 secrets to control the urge to eat

by Family Center

Anxiety and diet: 5 secrets to control the urge to eat
When it comes to lowering the weight by medical request or by decision, an unwanted feeling ends up being created in the brain. His name is anxiety. A difficult emotion to deal with, especially in food issues.

In many situations the person is not even looking for a weight loss, just does not want to overdo food and some circumstances cause anxiety and she ends up eating more than normal. These routine occurrences are the result of work stress, study, and other problems. It seems uncontrollable, but it is not. This anxiety and compulsion can be softened with some secrets:

1. Eat more times during the day
Skipping meals, prolonging fasting, and delaying feeding will not help. By eating more times a day, specifically every 3 hours, the body becomes more satisfied, the anxiety decreases and there is greater balance. But it is very important to take care of what is consumed.

The food should be balanced and as natural as possible, avoiding ready-made products that are highly modified from their natural state and added substances that generate dissatisfaction.

On a normal day the person will have meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to the intervals between them. A fruit or vegetable sticks (such as carrots), yogurt, and other foods that are satiated and contains no empty calories will help keep the anxiety controlled and the body satisfied.

2. Physical exercises

They improve so much in the body that they may be considered the best secret of all for the control of anxiety . And the bonus is with improved mood, more health, increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

3. Distracting the mind

Avoiding thoughts about the new lifestyle or weight loss is also a good secret. Watching television is not such a good distraction because it ends up asking for a supplement, but reading a book, going for a walk in a park, or talking to someone on the phone, or in person helps you dodge obsessive thoughts and lessen your anxiety. Participating in a volunteer project is a great way to keep your mind busy and lessen anxiety with your own difficulties.

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4. Adequate rest
Getting enough sleep is important to relax and let the anxiety aside. A good sleep may require the abandonment of some habits , but that will certainly be worth the effort. A person who can get enough sleep, maintains physical and mental vigor, suffers less from stress and anxiety, and can achieve goals more easily.

5. Hydration
Keeping the body properly hydrated is another important secret. People often feel thirsty, but they end up confusing the feeling with hunger. This is very common and often imperceptible. Drinking water in these moments can satisfy you.

Keeping the body properly hydrated with healthy liquids (water, juices, teas and soups) decreases anxiety and helps in achieving goals, as well as improving metabolism.

Dealing with feelings of anxiety can be much easier with the help of these simple secrets that most people know but are difficult to follow.

Changing the diet in the light of consciousness will be beneficial in all areas. A little determination helps you overcome the obstacles that are difficult at first but that after a while become part of the lifestyle.

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