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Are You Desperate For A Relationship? 5 Ways Not To Show It

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Are You Desperate For A Relationship? 5 Ways Not To Show It
It is no longer seen as unusual for a woman to take the initiative in a flirtation or even in a relationship already in progress, that of course, depending totally on the way this woman addresses the Man who wants to flirt or conquer forever!

Step one: Control yourself!
That’s right, if your emotions are high, and you are out of control emotionally at that moment, first seek your personal and emotional control, calm your anxiety, take a deep breath, keep your nerves in place, ward off nervousness, and then your brain will work fine and Will not take any initiative or even hasty decision while chatting or flirting with your man!

Refuse or refuse an invitation to dinner?
Depending on the circumstance, refusing a dinner may be a light touch of feminine charm, many men prefer women harder to conquer, but not impossible.

So if you really want to have something with this handsome male, you can refuse an outlet for dinner or anything else, but be sure to book another date or opportunity to meet soon.

Smiles can speak for you!
Women sometimes act with excesses of interest demonstration, which completely removes men who need the energy that the woman catches them. An example is going to the guy’s house or giving gifts to him all the time.

However, a smile can completely relieve the mood of tension between them, especially the light and seductive smiles that women with all their femininity can give.

Do not speak for the elbows …
Go back to the first and important step, CONTROL! Talking too much can be a grotesque and imperceptible mistake most women make in relationships, because it’s already feminine to speak more than men, yet in order for you to seem interested in the man in front of you, you need to show that Also knows to be a great listener.

Forget your emotional or love problems, this man is not your loving counselor, he just wants to feel good by your side and make you feel good too.

Recognize and value his actions
Not only have you prepared yourself for this meeting, you are not the only one to have looked for your best clothes, your best perfume, if your man is interested too, he certainly got very dressed up for this meeting, appreciate that, praise your tie, your perfume , Or something that has caught your attention in his look. Sincere and intelligent compliments, please!

Receive the simple things that he intends to offer you with happiness and enthusiasm, stolen flowers, a bonbon of the market, an unexpected kiss, always remembering to thank those simple acts of loving affection for men.

Concentrate your positive feminine energies on this man if it is what you desire so much, always remembering to keep control of your emotions and feelings above all else, so you will know exactly what to say, how to act and how not to act.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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