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Are You In A Very Bad Relationship? 6 Signs For You

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Are You In A Very Bad Relationship

Are You In A Very Bad Relationship? 6 Signs For You
This is the question many people ask when they stop and see that they may not be happier with the person next to them.

And when you feel lost in a relationship that once seemed very good, it is normal to have difficulty in facing what is happening, because surely already have lived moments as good as a couple.

That is where many people end up closing their eyes and pushing with their belly something that is no longer good, for fear of accepting reality.

Feelings have changes throughout all relationships, begin in one way and sometimes end up changing direction by going to the opposite side of your partner.

Relationships with excess fights and that are more about negative attitudes than moments of passion and love can be toxic and do not do better for both parties.

At this point you need to stop and review your concepts and priorities, chart a course and get rid of something that does not do you good, after all everyone needs self-love first of all.

In this article we will list six signs that you are stuck in a bad relationship.

Stop, analyze these signs and if necessary, get help.

1. Lack of interest
In relationships where there is passion, there is also great interest in the other person, both intellectual and sexual.

If there is no more desire to enjoy the other person’s company, something can be quite wrong.

2. Jealousy happens in a bad relationship.
Contrary to popular belief, excessive jealousy does not mean too much love or extreme protection, and may indicate even obsession with those who demonstrate this feeling exaggeratedly.

In addition, it also shows lack of confidence, which is vital for a healthy relationship.

3. No future
When you are in a relationship it is normal to make plans, however simple they are, for example, a trip .

Being together is also planning and idealizing one future with the other. If this is not happening between you and your partner, something is wrong.

4. You do not feel happier
Loving is one of the feelings that most provoke happiness in the human being. If you feel your partner as a burden maybe it’s time to move on without him.

If you do your best and do not get anything in return, it’s time to let it go.

5. Power struggle
In most of their fights the focus is so much to see who has more power in the relationship, they end up forgetting how to resolve the conflict. Relationship must be balanced, not ego-battle.

6. Always focus on the faults of one another:
A healthy relationship reflects on all other areas of life such as: work, family and friends.

If your partner makes a point of putting you down by always pointing out your shortcomings it is because you are not in a good relationship.

This negative energy will only bring more sorrows to both.

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