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“At times, I had to forsake my family needs to attend to the orphanage”-Orphanage founder

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Omofo Johnbest in his office

Omofo Johnbest is the founder of Saint Omofo orphanage home, an orphanage named after his late father and a dream initiated to bring relief to the less privileged and orphans. In this exclusive interview with DAILYFAMILY, Mr Johnbest explains the reason he birth forth this idea and further reveals how dear this dream has been to him.


Can you give us a brief introduction about you?

My name is Omofo Johnbest, I am a native of Iyerekhu south Ibie, via Auchi in Edo state, Nigeria. I was born in the northern part of Nigeria, precisely in Kaduna Zaria, in the family of A.O. Omofo.


Speaking with you late in November you said you are a founder of an Orphanage can you tell us in details why you have instituted this?

Well, my orphanage is called Saint Omofo orphanage home. The orphanage is an initiative given to me by God and couple with my life experience as a teenager in 1999, then I made a vow to be a father to the fatherless and a source of happiness to the less privileged. That is the spirit behind it.


Is your orphanage registered?
As par the registration, yes it is registered. I registered it as A Multinational Company, Omofo Johnbest International Ltd. with Rc: 793000 ( OJBIL)


On what budget do you run the upkeep of the children (in your orphanage)?

Going by this question, I run the upkeep of the children in my orphanage in such a way that, whatever I earn I part with more than 20% of it to the orphanage. In short, I run it with my personal earnings.


Are you in any way getting assistance from government, corporate bodies or individual?

Not yet. We are not getting anything from anyone.


What has been the challenge running an orphanage?

The challenge is that it has not been easy. At times i face financial Demand which keeps coming and the means to meet them is not forthcoming. At times, I had to forsake my family needs and Attend to the demand of Saint Omofo orphanage home.


How have you been able to manage your family the orphanage?

The management of the orphanage has been by the lord. As I speak, my children have not paid their school fees, but I am making arrangement for a disabled Child that was brought to my office by the mother on behalf of their Pastor. And I am likewise trying to make provision of a wheelchair for him and help him start schooling.
Above all God has been helping my family.


You stated something about New Lagos Badagry energy city, Vision 2020. What is it all about?

About the project, New Lagos Badagry energy city Vision 2020. It is all about bringing investors to Badagry for them to tap into the rich culture and tourism in Badagry.


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You are a professional in which field?

Basically on Real Estate and Oil and gas industry. I’ m a Multi-National Consultants. I’m a licensed Realtor, I’ m a mariner. I am into ship chandler/ Brokers.


Omofo Johnbest in his office

” I speak, my children have not paid their school fees” -Orphanage founder -Omofo Johnbest

What was your parents response to you starting an orphanage when they got to know about this?

Oh! The response of my Parents? I only have my mother. I lost my father about, 17 years ago. That’s why I named the foundation in His memory “Saint A.O. Omofo orphanages home ojbil”.


In achieving this vision 2020, what response have you been getting so far?

By Gods grace I have been receiving responses from investors, calling to make inquiries about the future of Badagry in the next 10 year. Landowners are as well bringing their Lands with title documents seeking for either Joint venture or outright purchase. I am presently managing over 11,000 acres of land in Badagry. These acres were left in my care by communities for the purpose of selling them. The land consists of perimeter survey and located on an Island. About 4000 acres of land with CofO. The license has been approved on this land, for us to build an oil refinery, private university etc.
So far we have been getting good responses from Land Vendors, some foreign investors are making enquiries too.


Tell us about your marital status?
Well, I got married in 2007 and we are blessed with five kids.


How will you know when you are successful?

I know I am successful when I see the goals that I set being carried out successfully one after the other with or without stress. Having joy doing what you are called to do without grouchiness. In the real sense of it, to be a successful man does not necessarily mean, you having houses and cars. Be at peace with yourself, and look back seeing your footprint in the sand of time is all I regard as success.

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