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How to balance work and personal time

by Adenike Akindude
How to balance work and personal time

These days, creating time for personal growth and development has become very difficult because of the environment we have found ourselves especially in Urban areas where people are pre-occupied with busy schedules.

Creating personal time is very important despite the situations calling for your urgent attention.

In order to achieve this, the following tips would be helpful:

· Schedule your activities: plan your day properly by creating a schedule that will show things to be done on that day. This would serve as a guide on how you can manage your time properly and also create time for your personal needs.

· Take a moment off: working for long hours might stress the entire body and affect it negatively. Taking a moment off work would or other worries on your mind.

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· Desist from irrelevant activities: there are some activities that are energy sapping and irrelevant as such does not add anything meaningful to your work or personal life. For example, spending long hours on social media, chatting with colleagues after working hours but to mention a few.

· Set realistic goals: setting unrealistic goals can be very frustrating which may affect your work and personal life negatively. To get the best out of life from yourself career, set goals that are realistic and achievable.

· Exercise: another way you can balance work with your personal time is exercising. It helps to ease your body and mind from stress. However, when exercising, don’t strain your body but engage in exercise that will boost your alertness.


· Relax: take some time to relax by doing things that you love like reading books, playing games, swimming, crafting, visiting the cinemas and other activities.

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It is significant to know that as you are working, setting personal time for yourself is equally important. You must be able to balance work and personal time properly.

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