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Benefits Of Exchanging White Rice For Whole Cuts

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Benefits Of Exchanging White Rice For Whole Cuts
You may have heard that making wise choices at lunchtime causes you to lose weight and gain health.

A study from the University of Tufts, Massachusetts, reinforces this issue with a research showing the benefits of exchanging white rice for the integral.

One of the findings of the research is that by opting for brown rice, the person increases fiber intake, the body works faster and cut the consumption of 100 calories per day, which is equivalent to a 30-minute walk. All this with a simple substitution on the menu!

This study was carried out with 81 people aged between 40 and 65 years, during eight weeks. The volunteers were divided into two groups and ate a similar diet in the fruit, vegetable and protein portions, switching only the grain source to whole grains, while the other group consumed rice and white flour.

The group that consumed whole grains had the metabolism accelerated, so it burned more calories.

Try it!
How about doing this exchange in your life? Start consuming whole grains, especially rice and bread. Start feeling the positive effects of good nutrition!

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