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The Best Type of Physical Exercise For A LongLife

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The Best Type of Physical Exercise For A LongLife
According to a recent survey, the lack of time is one of the main reasons why people are sedentary, that is, they do not do any type of physical exercise.

The consequence of this? Overweight, cardiovascular diseases, low physical resistance, less longevity, among others.

Another study also revealed that physical exercise works in our body as a medicine, a medicine, giving us years of life. To get out of sedentary lifestyle and begin to see the benefits of exercise, experts say, it takes just nine minutes three times a week, something even the most busy can fit into their day to day.

A new modality of physical exercise known as HIIT (training with high intensity interval), training of fashion in the city academies, was also a reason for studies and determined as the exercise of longevity.

Getting to know the training
High-intensity exercises with high difficulty such as running, jumping, rope and exercise bike, among others, combined with a rest period of up to five minutes promise, in addition to eliminating fat faster, increase longevity.

Being a high impact training (not easy) he continues, more quickly, burning calories after twenty-four hours of his practice.

One important caveat: it is not recommended to practice self-training, a good physical education professional is the person to assess your physical condition and indicate an HIIT training.

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