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Best Ways Couples Can Maintain Sexual Hygiene-Funmi Akingbade

by Adenike Akindude
Best Ways To Maintain Sexual Hygiene-Funmi Akingbade.dailyfamily.ng

Best Ways Couples Can Maintain Sexual Hygiene-Funmi Akingbade

Popular Nigerian Sex Therapist, Funmi Akingbade have given tips to couples on the best ways to maintain sexual hygiene as it affects couples’ sexual life.

Best Ways To Maintain Sexual Hygiene-Funmi Akingbade.dailyfamily.ng

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Now, I know this is a wide field and one cannot exhaust it in a single article, but we shall dwell on some important points. Firstly, I am going to talk about the importance of odour and sexual hygiene. Actually, an odour is any smell. But because the word ‘odour’ is often associated with a repulsive smell, people tend to use ‘odour’ to denote an unpleasant smell. But not all odours are repulsive. Sweet odours can do wonders to your sex life. On the other hand, offensive odour can be so repulsive that it may paralyse a couple’s sex life. But it is not only women who have offensive odour that may paralyse a couples’ sexuality, some male spouses are so disgustingly offensive that their wives easily get turned off when it comes to sex.

When it comes to sexual hygiene, these areas are very important-oral hygiene, armpit hygiene and penis/vulva hygiene. If it is mutually acceptable, it is important that you shave your pubic hair for freshness and smoothness and the armpit hair for a good odour. One of the guiding rules for successful lovemaking is complete neatness. If not, the offensive odour from the genitals can easily turn off either of the spouses.

Try to take a shower regularly and smell nice. In fact, I always advise a proper bath and the use of scented roll-on before lovemaking. Make it a duty to brush your mouth at least twice daily and use breath mint to freshen your breath. There are affordable peppermints available in local shopping malls. Bad breath is always a sure turn-off. In order to prevent infection, this is especially important for those who practice oral sex. If you are one of those who involuntarily salivate while sleeping please do something about it. You may even pray about it because this is a big sex ‘turn off’ and if you fart, apologise.

Some men like to say, “Well, but you also do the same to me!”

Couples also need to know that it is always advantageous to cultivate the habit of putting fresh and fragrant flowers in the room.

This isn’t about body or room odour but women, especially, should learn to dress well at home. I am not saying that you should dress as if you are going to a party. But do your hair, stop wearing the same tattered pyjamas and T-shirt to bed (men should also not wear those smelly, sweaty singlets and boxers to bed in the name of “l want to be free in my own house”). Why do you think men get turned on when their wives are dressed for a party? The wife dresses and smells so irresistibly and alluring that the husband’s hunger for sex rises.

Women need to always remember that their men would always meet beautiful, well-dressed ladies, who smell like flowers in the course of the day. And a wise woman should make an allowance for this. For example, the breasts of a wife are the second objects of attraction after her face. Then why do women spend little time on this important endowment? For example, product manufacturers understand the power of good packaging, even when the product content is nothing to write home about. Manufacturers spend a fortune to give their products a befitting wrap because they know the power of good packaging. Even if the two breasts have gone pendulous, the use of good brassieres will help to bring them back to shape.

The brassiere helps to display the breasts more prominently, emphasising its sexual symbolism. It also prevents premature stretching of the fibrous supporting tissues. With a good brassiere, flat breasts become pointed when enclosed. While packaging the breasts, always put the nipple of your breast at the joining of the cup of the brassiere. Nursing mothers should always breastfeed by bringing out their breasts from the upper part of the brassiere near the chest and not from beneath the base of the bra close to the tummy. The odour of breast-milk stains on brassieres can be extremely nauseating. They make sex non-appealing. If your breast must satisfy your husband at all times as the Bible enjoins, then spice it up with a good odour.  Pack it well, keep it firm, make it clean, shapely and appealing.

The use of roll-on under the fold of the breasts to keep them dry and rash free is very good. Light-fitting, lacey cotton panties give room for fresh air and prevent candidiasis infection.

Deodorants can also be used on the inner parts of the thighs as it keeps them dry, rash free and prevents friction and irritation. The hair on the either side of the curve of the thighs can be shaved to prevent bad odour and repulsive moisture. If you prefer to keep your armpit hair, make sure that they smell well at all times. It is absurd to welcome your husband in a smelly ragged, faded old nightdress when your husband is coming back from work. Nor is it appropriate to ‘blow your nose’ on the edge of your dress when under stress or over-worked. It is disgustingly irritable. Wives be sensitive to the needs of their husbands.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. A clean and well-groomed body is essential to keeping your man asking for more.


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