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Beware of Monkey Business- Bisi  Adewale Warns Parents

by Anjorin Dare

The Chief Executive Officer of Living Home Ventures, Bisi Adewale has described parents exposing their children to sexual predators and pedophiles as indulging in MONKEY BUSINESS, stressing that, most times, people who want to molest your children will come close as if they have intentions to help and better your lot but may leave you with tears and sorrows.

He made this known through the press release made available to newsmen at the Public presentation of his new book PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL ABUSE in the early hours of Wednesday.

The Author who has written 92 books on family, marriage, and parenting over the last 20 years bemoans Sexual Abuse as a menace that has bedeviled our society in this contemporary age noting that the Book was borne out of an urgent need to mitigate this ugly plague before it causes more havoc.

According to the book, a study showed that 1 in every 10 children would be sexually abused before age 18, stating that 80% of children were sexually abused in the past by people very close to them like; Uncles, Aunties, Teachers, Spiritual leaders, Neighbours etc. The book which seeks to open the eyes of parents to the need to protect the lives of their children from pedophiles in our society compiled 51 heart-rending stories of past sexual victims while extensively discussing reasons why parents should be careful about the people they trust with their children upkeep.

Indicators or signs that a child is being sexually abused are also revealed in the book as well as factors that predispose a child to sexual abuse are also mentioned.

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Speaking at the presentation, a reader gave a testimony that the book has opened his eyes to mistakes that parents make that expose their children to sexual abuse; what to do when a child is sexually abused; how to prevent abuse and how to protect children from abusers.

Bisi Adewale, however, implored the men of the press to push the book through their various platforms till it gets to the hands of every parent, teacher, guardian, church leader and even the government, perhaps a child or more may be delivered through that.

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