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Body Language Says A Lot: 6 Signs That He Is Interested

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Body language says a lot: 6 signs that he is interested
According to body language expert Black Eastman, research shows that when one person shows interest in another, that person’s body shows noticeable signs.

Notice the 6 signs that he is interested in you:

1. Inclination
When a man’s body is tilted toward the woman this is an obvious sign that he is literally drawn to and interested in this woman, that inclination will occur whenever he is talking to her.

2. Interaction
The way a man interacts with the people around him will be very different from how he will interact with the woman he is attracted to, this becomes evident in the look and closeness, that is, he will do everything to be close to that woman And his gaze will be searching for hers constantly.

3. Pupils
The pupils of the man who is attracted to a woman will increase in a considerable way, so it is possible to notice the great interest and desire that he has for this woman.

4. Heart rate
Normally, heartbeats are one of the first to “deliver” a man when he has a keen interest in a woman, because his palms become warm and his breathing faster.

5. Feet and knees point to the target
The feet and knees of a man will always be pointed at the woman for whom he is interested. No matter what the place, if you are sitting just look at your knees and if you are between family and friends just look at the feet, they will always point to that man’s target.

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6. Imitation
Yes, a man attracted to a woman tends to unconsciously copy his body language, manner of speaking and even the way of acting and habits.

When the man perceives such actions he will position himself, leaving the spine erect, correcting his posture, leaving the feet parallel and further apart, and also tends to expand the chest.

According to the specialist, he will do this automatically, because this signals fertility, and this is a peculiarity of the man who attracts the woman unthinkingly.

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