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Boko Haram: local Hunters kill sect top commander in Adamawa

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Boko Haram: local Hunters kill sect top commander in Adamawa

The Chairman of Madagali Local Government Area in Adamawa State, his Hon. Yusuf Muhammad confirmed the death of two members of the Boko Haram sect, including a commander of the sect.

The chairman, Muhammad said the terrorists were on a mission to raid Bakin Dutse and Gadamayo villagers of Madagali at the early morning on Thursday but were repelled by the local hunters of the community village.

He also recalled that the terrorists had on Monday night attacked two communities of Nyibango and Mudubu in the Madagali council area and wanted to extend their attacks to other villages in the communities.

The chairman also revealed that the insurgents usually launched attacks on the areas whenever the government brought relief materials, particularly food items to the villagers.

“They were always on a rampage to steal food and medical supplies when they raided Nyibango and other villages, and it is very worrisome as to know how they get information when ever such relieve materials are brought for the villagers,” the council chairman said.

He also said that although normalcy had come back to the areas, the areas still require more security men to contain the activities of the sect whenever they want to launch attack back.

The Spokesman of the local hunters in Madagali, Ali Hammajabu, told Thisday that: “Our hunters successfully averted an attempted massive raid on villages of Bitu, Gadamayo and Bakin Dutse”.

Ali also disclosed that “The dead Boko Haram commander was wearing a vest belonging to one of our famous commanders, Bukar Jimeta, who was killed by the insurgents recently in the repelled attack.

The spokesman added, “We saw their corpses this morning with signs of blood indicating that their bodies were dragged.”

“We also found two AK47 rifles and police tear gas canisters which we handed over to soldiers in Madagali,” the hunter disclosed.

He also added that the insurgents stormed Gadamayo and Bakin Dutse to steal food and medical supplies after residents fled into the bush but were repelled by the brave local hunters of the villages.

It was with the support of “Our brave hunters deployed to assist soldiers engaged the insurgents who fled. though a few weapons were seized from them as stated in his statement

“This came less than two days after the terrorists attacked three villages in the same area”, he stated.

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