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Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage

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Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage

Book Title: 100% Marriage

Author: Bisi Adewale

Genre: Christian Literature

Publisher: Living Home Venture

Number of Pages: 107

Year of Publication: 2014


Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage

100% Marriage is brewed from the basic question “What Manner of Marriage is Yours?” This question exposes the conditions of many marriages. With the healthy marriage test which requires a yes or no answer, 100% Marriage explores the bedrock of a perfect marriage. The healthy marriage test will help couples to ascertain the state of their marriage whether is a 100% marriage, 90% marriage or even a 20% marriage.

With practical illustrations to determine a 100% marriage, Bisi Adewale, the author, identifies the reason for a 100% marriage as “for your benefits, children and the society, do everything to make your marriage healthy and strong.” (26). From this, it can be inferred that a 100% marriage is beneficial to the children and the society at large.

Book Review: Bedrock of 100% Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Bisi Adewale quoted from various statistics to explicate on the benefits of a 100% marriage on the children and the society.  The statistics about the consequences of a traumatized family life serve as an eye-opener to married people to evaluate their married life with the healthy marriage test in this book, 100% Marriage.

In sixteen chapters, Bisi Adewale painstakingly outlines the steps to a hundred percent marriage. He asserts: “your relationship with the Lord ultimately determines the state of your marriage,” “deal with your character lest it brings your wedlock to a deadlock,” “never marry because of the container; please check the content.”

100% Marriage is a marriage manual for couples. With its mathematical calculated patterns to a great marriage, 100% Marriage bursts out with the fresh aura of “habits of highly successful couples,” “things you must give your spouse,” “marriage is more than a love affair” and “becoming a source of blessing to your spouse” amongst others.

100% Marriage is a timely book for couples, and even singles, who want to enjoy their marriage, thereby, fulfilling God’s will for every mankind to be happily married.

In fact, 100% Marriage will hold you spellbound as you open the first chapter, for you may likely see a picture of your own marital life in it. It is a great book that is spiritually designed for the family. Don’t wait until there is a crisis in your home, get 100% Marriage now, and read it.

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