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BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage

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BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage

Book Title: Fight for that Marriage


Author: Bisi Adewale


Genre: Christian Literature 


Publisher: Living Home Venture


Number of Pages: 179


Year of Publication: 2016

The author, Bisi Adewale, in this Christian literature, Fight for that Marriage, embarks on a spiritual exercise to challenge many dying marriages to rediscover the aroma of God in their marital homes. With illustrative stories right from the beginning of the first chapter, the book explores the ills of marriages. In the process though, the book outlines practical solutions to the problems in a marriage.

BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage


The author, Bisi Adewale, describes the problems of marriage as “Marital Hired Assassins.” From this description, we can infer that marital problems come into the marriage from unforeseeable things, something the author describes as “principal destroyers.” These principal destroyers of marriage are internal, unsuspecting things that creep into the marriage. But they are the root of every broken marriage. Bisi Adewale outlines the three principal destroyers of marriage which include: anger, unforgiveness and hatred.


Just like the subtitle of the book, “turning problematic marriage to a romantic one,” the author captures the ways couples can turn their troubled marriage around. According to the author of the Christian literature, Bisi Adewale, the fight for a good marriage begins before “the parties involve say I do.”  The red cover of the book portrays the danger of neglecting to fight for that marriage.  For a marriage to be glorious, couples must fight for it. It is a conscious effort by the parties involved in the marriage life.

BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

BOOK REVIEW: Keys to Fight for that Marriage

Stylistically, this Christian literature is presented in a militant approach, using terms such as “hired assassins,” “opposing,” “monsters,” “divorce-proof,” “marriage killers” amongst others to express the urgency of the discourse, fighting for that marriage. Though in a story-like and in an interesting read, the author earnestly, in fifteen chapters, describes everything that couples ought to know about how to fight for their marriage.


In the Christian literature, Fight for That Marriage, the author, Bisi Adewale, using the Holy Bible as a pretext for his argument, posits that “you are not in the centre of the will of God if you are planning to divorce your spouse for any reason” (83). This assertion answers the pending question about divorce in our present age. Since God vehemently frowns at divorce, Bisi Adewale succinctly gives ways to “divorce-proof your marriage.” He does this with relevant scriptural passages. Besides, every position that the author presents in this book is backed up with relevant scriptural passages.


In the 178-page-book, Bisi Adewale demystifies the secret of a great marriage using what he refers to as the “vitamin C for your marriage.” Yes, Vitamin C for the marriage will help couples to fight for their family life that is threatened. The vitamin C of a successful marriage are “courtesy, communication, contentment, commendation, communication, character, care, common purpose, compassion and companionship.” (54)


This book, Fight for that Marriage, is a treasure house on how couples can fight for and win the fight in their marriage. It is a book every couple and single should own personally and read over and over again to build and even sustain their romantic marriage life void of “marital hired assassins,” “other marriage killers” and “divorce.” This book, Fight for that Marriage, has an intertextual correlation with the movie, War Room and Gbile Akanni’s No More Two.


I can confidently say that if you haven’t read this Christian literature, you are not prepared to fight for that marriage.

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